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Enjoy Food in Barcelona Under €10

Enjoy Food in Barcelona Under €10

Enjoy Food in Barcelona Under €10

If you love food and are staying in one of Spain’s biggest cities, Barcelona, chances are, the food there may cost you a lot of money. What’s more, the place is home to some fantastic Michelin restaurants.

Fortunately, there are various places in Barcelona where you can grab a bite without breaking the bank. According to Numbeo, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant in Spain can cost around EUR 11.00. However, what if I tell you you can enjoy food in Barcelona at a cheaper price (under EUR 10), and without foregoing quality? 

Read below to know some cheap eats in Barcelona. 

Pans and Company

Pans and Company is a food chain that started in Catalonia in 1991. Now, the company has expanded to 192 restaurants and 132 of them can be found in Spain, and 19 of those are in Barcelona. Thus, you are sure to find Pans and Company no matter where you are in Barcelona. 

Pans and Company are known for their sandwiches, reminiscent of the US fast food, Subway. However, unlike Subway, Pans and Company have a more healthy approach to food. In fact, it is known for these three things, affordability, quality, and healthy sandwiches, mainly due to its huge Mediterranean influence. 

Sandwiches from Pans and Company cost under EUR 6.00 while getting a meal combo can cost between EUR 6.00 to EUR 7.00. They also have sandwiches for vegetarians, so it’s for everyone. 

Doña Jacinta

For the price of EUR 10.00, you can already experience a full feast at the Doña Jacinta, one of Barcelona’s hidden gems, and something that not many visitors of Spain know of. 

This restaurant at Poblenou serves authentic Venezuelan food, from homemade empanadas (EUR 3.50 to EUR 8.00) to cheesy tequeños (EUR 3.50), Arepas (EUR 6.50 to EUR 8.00), and so much more. You can also buy liquors or soda to partner with your food, which may cost between EUR 2.50 to EUR 3.50). 

Teddy’s Barcelona

If you love Lebanese food, and whether you are a meat lover, a vegetarian, or a vegan, you can visit Teddy’s in Barcelona. Food at Teddy’s can only cost you between EUR 3.00 to EUR 6.00. For example, an order of Saj Roll can only cost you EUR 4.50. 

Aside from its Saj Roll, other specialties include baked falafel, hummus, zaatar, Lahmajoun (a Lebanese meat pizza, and halloumi cheese. 

Bread at Teddy’s Barcelona is made using a traditional stove. Also, aside from food, Teddy’s is known for its good service, earning it a perfect rating of 5 in TripAdvisor, and ranked 42nd out of Barcelona’s 8,691 restaurants. 

Bar la Patata

Get a serving of the best potatoes in Barcelona when you visit Bar la Patata and you can get them for only EUR 1.20 per potato (their potatoes are huge). Its star dish is salt-baked and dipped in a secret sauce. The place is so popular that when you visit the place, you sometimes have to wait in a queue before getting your food. 

Aside from potatoes, you can also order sausages and pork, skewers, chorizo, gambas, and so on. 

Now that you know how you can enjoy food in Barcelona, without splurging a lot of money, the next thing to do is learn about some of the famous and must-visit attractions in Spain. To know them, check out MSM Unify’s article on 5 Must-Visit Attractions in Spain


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