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Enjoy Berlin for Free: Top 5 Things To Do in Germany’s Capital City

Enjoy Berlin for Free: Top 5 Things To Do in Germany’s Capital City

If you happen to visit or have the chance to stay in Germany’s capital city, Berlin, expect a lot of activities, and sightseeing places to visit. However, enjoying all of them can also be bad for your purse. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to enjoy the city without spending a lot. 

Read below to learn the many places you can go to enjoy Berlin for free.  

Visit Germany’s Parliament at the Reichstag 

The Reichstag is where Germany’s parliament (Bundestag) resides, and you can enter this building for free. However, although free, do remember to book an appointment online. 

You can take the lift and go directly to the building’s roof terrace to enjoy Berlin’s spectacular view. Aside from that, you can also explore other parts of the building and learn about its surrounding sights, and experience the place where Adolf Hitler once ran the country as Chancellor.

If you want to explore on your own, you can also do so by taking a free audio guide. 

Enjoy Comedy for Free

Going to bars to watch stand-up comedies can sometimes be pricey or relatively cheap. However, if you are tight on budget, there are chances of enjoying them for free in Berlin. 

Catch open mic nights in some stand-up locations in Berlin, such as the Bar in a Jar, or at the Comedy Cafe. Open mic nights usually have donation-only policies, so either enjoy the event for free or give what you can only afford. 

Relax or grab a barbecue with friends at Berlin’s Parks

Berlin is home to over 2,500 parks, which you can visit for free, and enjoy alone or with friends. Moreover, the parks in Berlin allow people to enjoy various recreational activities, such as: 

  • Taking picnics or drinking with friends
  • Enjoying barbecue
  • Visiting flea markets 
  • Exercising, (running, jogging, cycling), etc.

Some of the popular parks in Berlin include the Tiergarten, the Tempelhofer Feld, the Mauerpark, and so on. 

Learn About the Victims of World War 2 at the Holocaust Memorial 

The Holocaust Memorial can be found in a vast location in Berlin. It is located at a football-field-sized location. The Holocaust Memorial, which is near the Brandenburg Gate, is made up of thousands of concrete gravestones of varying height. 

Visiting the place is free. Moreover, under the memorial, you can also check out the Ort der Information, where you can learn more about the lives of the people who lost their lives during the Holocaust. 

Dance in Clubs for Free

If you enjoy clubbing, nightclubs can be expensive most of the time. Aside from the drinks and other refreshments you have to pay for, you also need to pay the entrance fee. 

In Berlin, there are some clubs where you can enter with an entrance fee and dance for free. Check out Berlin’s Dunckerclub or Suss War Gestern if you want to have a fun night but on a tight budget. 

Those are the places you can visit and enjoy in Berlin for free. 

Learn more about Germany, its places that are worth visiting, and practical tips and information you can use during your stay there by checking our articles at MSM Unify.


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