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Dressing Up for Study According to Spain’s Climate

Dressing Up for Study According to Spain’s Climate

Dressing Up for Study According to Spain's Climate
Pasted Image 0Spain’s Mediterranean climate generally consists of hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. Though this depends on the topography, Spain’s Meseta plateau experiences a more continental climate. Rain falls in the spring and fall, and snow in winter.

Due to these differing climates, Spanish people dress up a little more than any other nationalities. This Mediterranean climate has brought young men to wear t-shirts or soccer jerseys along with good jeans. Most women prefer feminine clothing such as dresses; they don’t usually couple it with sneakers. Just like anywhere else, you’ll find people dressed differently, probably more sporty or punk. Spanish nightlife makes everyone dress up.

For you to mix in with the crowd, avoid wearing sweatshirts, grubby jeans, and sneakers. Try wearing comfortable, fitted clothing. Avoid looking like a “typical American” with baggy jeans plus sneakers every day.

Here are clothes you may need to get through the Spanish climate:


Summer is felt during May and June. The temperature can range from 30º and 40ºC (86–104ºF). The air will be dry and the sun will be very hot. In July and August, considered the year’s hottest months, temperatures will be as high as 50ºC (122ºF). What you have to do is drink plenty of water and stay indoors to avoid the heat. The best clothing at this time is comfortable summer go-to’s such as cotton shirts, sleeveless tops, shorts, flip flops, and swimwear.


The first part of fall will be hot as summer heat still lingers until the end of September. The temperature has mildly gone down from 50ºC to 30ºC or 40ºC (86–104ºF). When the months of October and November start, it will begin to rain more. So, prepare some sweaters for this weather. A light jacket will be good to keep you cool at night. Keep an extra raincoat and boots for the rainy days.


Spain experiences a cold and damp winter from mid-December up to February with temperatures as low as 5ºC (41ºF) at night. Do not forget to bring or purchase a heavy winter coat as you will need this on winter days and nights. Prepare your winter gear such as gloves, boots, and earmuffs. A good sweater will get you through the day and a warm pajama through the night.


By March, the weather in the country will start to warm up again with temperatures averaging mid to upper 20ºC (about 82ºF). Rain will not occur much often. In the evening, you may have to wear a light jacket. In late April, you can expect warm weather good for outdoor activities.

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