Different Types of Transportation in Switzerland

Different Types of Transportation in Switzerland

If you’re traveling from one city to another in Switzerland, do you ride the metro, get a taxi, or book a flight? 

Traveling to and from certain points in the country can be confusing. In some cases, you may even need to take more than one ride to get to your destination.

As an international student, knowing different types of transportation in Switzerland is crucial. These transportations take you where you need to be. It’s only natural to know them so you can travel the country.

Here are the different types of transportation in Switzerland for international student:


Railway tracks in Switzerland run across the major city centers, making it the most accessible mass transport. Trains in the country can endure many issues, extending their long-time efficiency.

Swiss Federal Railways is the largest government-owned railway in Switzerland. A simpler name for this company in German is SBB.

To ride their trains, you need to buy train tickets at SBB ticket machines. You can find these machines at the train station. You can get either a first class or second class ticket. 


Buses are popular transportation in various parts of the world, but not in Switzerland. Locals only take buses when they need to get to places that trains can’t reach.

With that in mind, you might need to take a bus when traveling to certain regions in Switzerland. This is a great transportation choice when journeying beyond the city center.

Private companies own, operate, and maintain buses. This means that ticket prices and utilities vary depending on the bus company.

Some buses have Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Other buses require you to buy a bus ticket before boarding the bus. 

To be sure, it’s best to research bus companies and compare options. Don’t forget to ask for discounts as you can often get one as a student.


Boats may not be a part of the daily mass transport system in Switzerland, but they’re great for travel.

Scenic lakes and panoramic rivers embrace Switzerland. If you want to take a tour over its majestic waters, boats are the best way to go.

Before going for a boat ride, remember that these rides operate based on a schedule. You cannot simply hop on one or hail them as a taxi. 

Check the boat ride’s schedule and inquire about safety equipment too. It’s also great to check the weather before booking a trip. 


If you’re studying in Geneva, Basel, Zurich, and Bern, you would likely use trams at one point. Tramways are not as frequently used as trains, but they are great options for quick trips.

Unlike other mass transport, trams are more environment-friendly. In fact, Geneva halted its operations in the past but had to bring it back for this very reason. 

Transportation will be a great part of your daily life as a student. It’s only necessary to familiarize yourself with its classifications.

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