Creating a Simple Workout Setup in Your Dorm or Flat

Creating a Simple Workout Setup in Your Dorm or Flat

A strong, fit body is a sign of great health while studying overseas. It doesn’t only make you look good, it gives you confidence as well.

But, a strong and healthy body can come at an overwhelming cost. Not every student has the luxury of time and money to achieve their body goals.

Fortunately, getting your muscles to work is possible with a simple workout setup. If you have your dorm or flat (or sharing one with a roommate), you can make a simple gym to stay active.

Here’s how you can create a simple workout setup in your dorm or flat to achieve the figure you always wanted:

Follow Free Workout Videos on YouTube

Many professional fitness trainers have assumed the role of a virtual fitness coach. Powered by a network of YouTube channels, workout videos are virtually limitless.

Watching workout videos is not only free, but it’s also great for body-conscious students. You can start with simple cardio or aerobic exercises. Then look for a channel that offers an exercise series to follow.

Use Apps To Monitor Your Calorie Intake

If a caloric restriction is your way to stay fit, then using apps can tremendously help. 

These diet apps often ask you about the composition of your meals. You will then have to provide the weight of each ingredient in the app. The app will then compute how many total calories is within your meal. Using these apps can assist you in weekly meal preparations. 

Make Weights Out of Plastic Bottles

Do you have empty plastic bottles lying around? Instead of putting them to waste, you can refill them with water or sand to make weights.

You can use different bottle sizes to create varying weights. These are great for bicep and triceps exercises to refine your arms.

Install a Pull-Up Bar on Your Door Frame

Invest in a robust pull-up bar and have it installed on your door frame for back and arm strengthening. This simple yet effective item can truly transform your simple workout setup.

Make sure to inspect if your door frame could support heavy weight. You might risk damage to yourself (and your door) if the foundation cannot hold up.

Use Your Furniture To Perform Certain Workout Routines

No gym bench? No problem. You can use a dining chair to perform several rounds of triceps drips. A small coffee table may do too.

If you need lower back support, prop a couple of pillows. Your walls are also sturdy enough to serve as balance guides when doing yoga poses.

Opt for More Affordable Workout Accessories

Workout accessories such as yoga mats, sweatbands, and resistance bands are important too. When buying them, opt for the most affordable option you can find.

You can go cheap on these items since they’re only for minimal exercise. But for more complex machines, a more expensive one may be better. 

Getting your dream body while you’re on a study journey is an amazing feat. Want to find more health tips for foreign students? Read our resources here at MSM Unify to learn more.


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