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Common Packing Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Common Packing Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Common Packing Mistakes That You Must Avoid
Pasted Image 0After sending your application, getting a place in your preferred university, and planning everything, one task still needs to be done: packing your bags.

It may look simple but it can be daunting. Below are some of the most common packing mistakes that everyone encounters.

Exceeding the weight limit

If you did not prepare early for your packing task, you might experience overpacking. This happens mostly when a person is in a hurry or excited. Excess luggage can cost you some money. So, what you need to do is to allow enough time to sort and pack your necessary items. Put clothes, toiletries, gears that you will need. Do not put items based on a ‘just in case’ classification. To be sure, weigh your suitcase to know that it does not exceed the limit.

Restricted items

It is best to visit your country’s government website to check the list of restricted items. Of course, do not put these items on your baggage, unless you want to experience stress in the country’s customs. Some common prohibited items include weapons, plants, alcohol, pornographic materials, meat products, and glasses that may be your favorite skincare product container. There is a minimum weight of liquids. If you need to bring huge amounts of medication, you may have to present documentation about it.

Making bad use of space

There are ways on how to properly maximize a luggage’s space. It is also important to consider packing care. Pack your items in a manner that their contents are very much protected. Put any liquids in a waterproof container to prevent leaks. Place softer items around the outside layer of your packed items. Roll your clothes rather than folding them to make more room for the other items.

Packing unnecessary items

Sort what you think will be essential for you in your study abroad. Do not pack toiletries that will last a year. Instead, go for the small ones, then, purchase the brand in your study country. Books take up a lot of space and it is better if you decide to go for e-books instead. Remember that packing should be thought of wisely. There are a lot of things that you will need for your future home, and you would not want to forget something just because you packed some unnecessary ones.

Being disorganized

When you have a flight, it is a no-brainer to check-in for hours. Do not forget important details about your flight. Prepare everything ahead so you won’t miss out on anything pertinent to your flight. Avoid messing things up and panicking.

Thinking that nothing can go wrong

It is good to stay positive but what if your airline lost your bag? This is an understandable scenario as it happens most of the time. So what if this happened and you have to wait for days for your luggage to be returned to you? We hope you prepared an emergency pack in your hand luggage. This should consist of essentials like clothes, toiletries, chargers, and papers that you will need very much.

Now, pack that luggage and put everything that you need. Pack smart.

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