Cheapest UK Universities for a Postgraduate Degree

Cheapest UK Universities for a Postgraduate Degree 1

Study Abroad can be costly. This is mainly because of the higher level of study in this degree. Also, a postgraduate diploma can easily attract job opportunities. To help you out in spending less, here is a countdown of 10 cheapest courses  in the UK that offer postgraduate education.

10. Liverpool Hope University

Current cost: £5,200–6,000

Besides the cheap cost of study abroad, Liverpool Hope University also offers a wide array of postgraduate courses that are designed to boost career prospects. In this university, you have the chance to enjoy the campus environment while being close to the city.

9. University of Cumbria

Current cost: £5,040

The University of Cumbria is a public university located in Cumbria with other major campuses in London, Lancaster, and Ambleside. Opened in 2007, its roots extend back to the establishment of the Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts back in 1822.

8. University of the Highlands and Islands

Current cost: £5,000–5,850

Consisting of 13 colleges and research centers plus more than 170 learning centers, the University of the Highlands and Islands provides different online and part-time courses, which help students to have time for other commitments.

7. Newman University

Current cost: £5,000

Founded in 1968, and hosts around 2,700 students, Newman University is a good place for students looking for a balanced space for study and socials. It is close to the peaceful area in Birmingham.

6. Leeds Trinity University

Current cost: £4,500–6,500

Postgraduates from the Leeds Trinity University have turned into famous authors, award-winning journalists, and research pioneers. The University ensures one to be employed well after graduating.

5. Middlesex University

Current cost: £4,350–14,000

If you are looking for the cheapest postgraduate course in the UK, Middlesex University has it. Based in the northwest of London, Middlesex has courses that will give you full-packed practical experiences and enough knowledge useful for work.

4. York St. John University

Current cost: £4,333–18,400

There are a lot of opportunities in this university as it has a broad industry link and entrepreneurship networks. York St. John also improves a student’s learning experience through its impressive facilities such as studios, laboratories, IT suites, and a whole lot more.

3. Bangor University

Current cost: £4,084–9,500

One of the first universities in Wales to provide a cheaper postgraduate degree, Bangor University also teaches diverse courses with the help of excellent instruction and modern facilities. Student satisfaction rates in Bangor are unsurprisingly quite high.

2. Teesside University

Current cost: £3,850–9,250

Teesside University has recently developed a £275M city-center campus. They also plan to invest an amount of £300M for the next 10 years. You can enroll here to benefit from these new amenities.

1. AECC University College

Current cost: £2,520–9,250

At AECC University College, you will experience the cheapest postgraduate courses in uk. The University College is located in Bournemouth. It offers a systematic specialist health education, backed up by excellent industry-standard facilities.

With postgraduate studies getting more costly depending on a course, we hope that these universities will guide you into choosing what is best for you and your budget.

The UK has a lot more study options to choose from. To help you with this, make sure to check out other MSM Unify articles.


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