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A Quick Guide to Apartment Renting in Switzerland

A Quick Guide to Apartment Renting in Switzerland

A Quick Guide to Apartment Renting in Switzerland

Renting an apartment is a fantastic way to stay in Switzerland. For students who value privacy and independence, this accommodation is the perfect choice.

Oftentimes, security is a big issue in private accommodation. But Switzerland’s guarded environment makes apartment renting as safe as possible.

Considering the steep prices in Switzerland, renting an apartment is expensive. It can even be more costly if you make the wrong choice.

Here’s a quick guide to help you land the right apartment in Switzerland:

Where to Find an Apartment in Switzerland

The quickest way to look for apartments is to search online. There are plenty of Swiss websites that post vacant apartments for students.

You can also search through recognized housing portals. Make sure to filter your search to a location close to your school. 

Social media platforms are also a great way to find an apartment. You can ask in Facebook groups or join forums on Reddit. 

Remember to stay vigilant when engaging with strangers. Switzerland is safe, but it never hurts to be extra cautious.

Tenancy Laws for Renting an Apartment

A written contract binds you and your landlord into an obligation. Your respective duties must be all listed in the contract.

Your landlord may also ask you for an advance deposit. This deposit is usually three months worth of rent.

You and your landlord both have the right to extinguish the contract. There must be a written document that states the reasons for termination.

Signing a contract can be worrisome since you have to disclose personal information. Make sure that your contact states the purpose and use of asking these details.

Common Facilities of an Apartment in Switzerland

Apartments are usually offered without any furnishings, though you may be lucky to score a furnished one online.

When looking for an apartment, read the inclusions immediately. This section states which utilities and appliances are available.

For example, an apartment may offer kitchen appliances or bed frames. Another apartment may offer Wi-Fi services for an extra charge.

Number of bedrooms and communal areas also vary. Look for an apartment with more than one bedroom if you’re staying with a friend.

Outdoor spaces are important to the Swiss. So you can generally expect to have a tiny outdoor space for your apartment. This could be a small balcony or a mini garden.

Cost of Rent in Switzerland

Apartments in major cities are pricier than those in rural areas, but they often have better access to more facilities.

In Zurich, an apartment with two rooms costs CHF 1,700 per month. It can even go up to CHF 5,000 depending on the apartment itself.

Renting is slightly more expensive in Geneva. A two-bedroom apartment in that city costs CHF 1,800 every month.

In general, the costs vary depending on the location and type of apartment. It would also cost more if you’re alone.

Apartment renting is a great way to stay in Switzerland. Browse through our stories here at MSM Unify to learn more about Swiss life. 


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