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A Guide to Student Life in Geneva, Switzerland

A Guide to Student Life in Geneva, Switzerland

A Guide to Student Life in Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is among your best choices when it comes to student cities in Switzerland. Education is great, the quality of life is high, and the social scene is incredible.

But before you fall in love with this city, you must understand the student lifestyle here first. This will help you blend well into the campus culture you’ll soon experience.

Here’s what you can expect with your student life in Geneva as an international student:

Overview of Student Life in Geneva

In general, studying in Geneva is no different than in other Swiss cities. There are just a few differences when it comes to the atmosphere, but overall, life is pretty laid back.

Geneva has always been a center of history and culture in Switzerland. Nestled in the heart of Europe, the city boasts one of the most outstanding collections of Swiss art.

While it remains uniquely Swiss, Geneva also has that international flair. After all, the city is best known as a center of democracy in the world, housing global organizations, and NGOs.

Its growing popularity among international students shouldn’t be overlooked either. As one of the most diverse cities in Switzerland, it’s a safe place for foreign learners.

Student Organizations / Campus Clubs

Like any other student city, joining campus clubs is also encouraged here. There may even be university offices that facilitate and overlook these campus societies.

Student government bodies within the campus also hold various events. It can range from meetings to discussions to parties and other social events. 

In short, if there’s any that interests you, you’ll find it on your campus. As long as you can communicate and connect, then you’re good to go.

Making Friends

Friendship-making can be a little tricky in Swiss Cities. Swiss people aren’t really that welcoming to foreign people, so warming up to them can be tough.

Fortunately, as mentioned, Geneva is a diverse city. In fact, 40% of its population are foreign nationals. Plus, it has a significant foreign student population that helps things up.

You may find it hard to make a Swiss friend, but you can always meet other people. The campus is always the best place to start.

High Cost of Living But Competitive Tuition

If there’s one thing you must truly prepare for, it’s the cost of living in Geneva. The city is among the most expensive places to live in Europe, so expect shockingly high expenses.

On the bright side, you’re getting better value when it comes to your tuition. On average, you’ll have to pay around 800 Fr. to 1,500 Fr. ($870 – $1,630) per semester.

To put it into perspective, studying in the United States can wrap up at $60,000 per year. For tuition alone, students need to spend about $26,000 to $35,000 per year.

Student life in Geneva offers a better perspective on what it’s like to study in Switzerland. Curious about this beautiful student city? See our list of must-visit places in Geneva here at MSM Unify to see if it’s also travel-friendly for you.


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