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A Guide to Student Accommodation in New Zealand

A Guide to Student Accommodation in New Zealand

A Guide to Student Accommodation in New Zealand

As an international student in New Zealand, you must find a comfortable place to stay. Fortunately, the country has various accommodation options that suit different kinds of lifestyle.

Whether you prefer to stay somewhere private or settle in with roommates, you’ll find a place that will meet your needs. However, finding the right accommodation requires you to understand your choices.

Don’t worry about spending many hours searching on the web for your accommodation. Here’s a quick background of options that you can find in New Zealand:


Staying with a host family is a great way to immerse in the culture and practice your communication skills. Generally, host families provide a separate, often furnished, bedroom for the foreign student.

Homestays are possible through two pathways. First, you can look for voluntary homestays wherein families would accommodate your need in exchange for cultural growth.

The second option is to look through homestay agencies. They are often partnered with families who are paid to accommodate your needs. Often, the host family would receive a daily or monthly stipend for your additional expenses.

Choosing homestays as your accommodation is a fantastic way to understand the Kiwi lifestyle. In addition, you’ll have a second family who can support you in your collegiate career.

Halls of Residence

Halls of residence are the cheapest options among student accommodations in New Zealand. Similar to other countries, these places are often just walking distance away from the campus.

You have the option to select a single or shared room. For your other needs such as food and laundry, there are typically communal facilities available. 

Your meals are often included in your accommodation plan so you won’t have to spend on dining out. Halls of residence are also managed by the university, which means there is better surveillance and maintenance. 

If you’ll be studying in a much larger university, you can expect self-contained apartments. In New Zealand, they’re referred to as “flats.”

These flats are managed similarly with other halls of residence. But since these are more private hostels, rooms are often bigger and items are more modern.

Flats or Independent Accommodation

If you really want to enjoy unbridled freedom in New Zealand, getting a flat is your best bet. Flats range from one-bedroom to multiple-bedroom apartments.

With flats, you have the option to either stay on your own or ask a friend or two to occupy the vacant rooms.

Most flats have separate bedrooms, a full kitchen, living and dining area, plus other utilities and equipment. You’ll usually find a washing machine, cooking tools, and clothes dryer.

If you’re staying with roommates, you can share the rent as well as other expenses. These typically include utility bills and internet fees.

Before agreeing to rent a flat, make sure to properly read the tenancy agreement. These documents often state the terms and conditions of your stay in the flat.

Finding the right accommodation is essential as an international student in New Zealand. Visit MSM Unify daily to get more insights on student accommodations in the country.


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