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A Guide to Finding Student Accommodation in Madrid

A Guide to Finding Student Accommodation in Madrid

A Guide to Finding Student Accommodation in Madrid

Every international student yearns for great accommodation in Spain. In the capital city of Madrid, the options seem countless. But this vastness is also something to be careful of.

To get the right student accommodation in Madrid for you, there are many things to consider. These factors will allow you to sift through a mountain of accommodation options.

Here’s a guide to finding student accommodation in Madrid:

Accommodation Options in Madrid

Like most study destinations, there are two major student accommodation options in Madrid. The first one is on-campus accommodation. This includes shared or solo bedrooms in student residences.

The second option is off-campus accommodation. International students can live in studio apartments or rent a student room. You can also sign-up for homestay programs through agencies or volunteer families.

Factors To Consider in Choosing Accommodation

Before you commit to student accommodation, assess what your needs are. Then, evaluate the place if it can fulfill most of what you’re looking for.

Note that the cost of living in Madrid is higher than in other Spanish cities. After all, this is the capital city where culture, business, and history thrive.

Use these factors as a checklist when looking through your options:

  • Access to public transportation services
  • Monthly rent (may cost lower if you opt to have a roommate)
  • Distance between your university campus
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Appliances available
  • Amenities, facilities, and utilities available for use
  • Safety and security (including maintenance and surveillance)
  • State of neighboring communities 
  • Access to recreational and travel spots 
  • Service fees and utility bills that are included in your monthly rent (for off-campus accommodation)

Popular Neighborhoods in Madrid

If you want to narrow down your choice of location, look into Madrid neighborhoods. Many popular neighborhoods in the city offer a great life like no other.

These places are often at the center of leisure and entertainment in Madrid. So if any of these cities suit your lifestyle, consider looking for places there:

  • Malasaña – Embellished with bohemian glamor, Malasaña is brimming with colors in every street. You can experience the gentle beauty of its quaint cafes and stylish shopping centers.
  • Chueca – Live with pride in this predominantly LGBTQ+ Madrid. neighborhood. Chueca hosts one of the largest Pride festivals in the world, making it a spot of both empowerment and fun.
  • Puerta del Sol – This neighborhood is the heart of Madrid, literally. As the center of Madrid, this place is the perfect meeting point for people across various cities. 

Student Accommodation Resources

You can start your search using various student accommodation resources and tools. 

You can look through rental agencies such as:

  • helpHousing
  • Homiii
  • Smart Living Madrid
  • Rooms in Madrid
  • Aluni.net 

You can also look for student residences (shared or solo) through:

  • Collegiate Student
  • Mi Casa Inn
  • Nexo Student Residences

Need help in finding student accommodation in Madrid? MSM Unify offers a wealth of resources for international students in Madrid and across Spain. Be sure to check out some of our stories here at MSM Unify to learn more.


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