8 Ways To Make Extra Money as an International Student in Ireland

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Bearing the nickname “Emerald Isle,” Ireland offers an incredible experience for all. For international students, the country provides a premium education and vibrant life.

However, staying in Ireland will set you back by at leastĀ  $2,500 per month. Knowing this, a bunch of money-saving tips alone won’t suffice. It’s better to find ways to make extra money to cover your expenses.

Ireland offers many opportunities for you to build a stream of income. Try these eight ways to make extra money while you study in Ireland:

Find Freelance Work Opportunities

Have a hidden skill in writing? Why not try applying as a freelance writer on various websites? You can start by looking into prospective projects on ProBlogger. You can also join Facebook groups related to freelance writing jobs.

Give Language Lessons

People love learning another language. With this in mind, you can use your native tongue to your advantage. If you find someone who wants to learn your language, offer to tutor. You can charge per hour or lesson. You can also opt to teach online for more flexibility in time and location.

Apply as a Tutor

Parents often seek university students as tutors for their kids. But if you are not keen on working with children, you can apply at Tutorhub and earn money from hundreds of classes.Ā 

Become an Entrepreneur on Etsy

Into arts and crafts? Invest in some materials and try making art decor and accessories. Then, create an account on Etsy so you can start selling your products for the right price.

Start Computer Lessons

You don’t even have to be a computer expert to give computer lessons. All you need is basic computer knowledge and the right equipment. You can give computer lessons to kids, senior citizens, or anyone starting with a computer.

Sell Pre-Loved Items

Collect all the items that you don’t use anymore. Start with shoes that donā€™t fit you now. Move to clothes that aren’t within your fashion style. You can also sell pre-loved gadgets, books, or essential home materials.Ā  Sell it on various websites like Facebook Marketplace to make a buck.

Sign-up as a Transcriptionist or Captioner

Rev is a website that allows you to earn money in various ways. You can be a transcriptionist or a captioner. These are types of freelance jobs that you can take after your classes. As of writing, Rev is accepting applicants from Ireland. So don’t miss the chance to pursue these jobs.

Sell Your Skills and Talent

Turn your skills and talent into cash by offering them as services. For example, if you have skills in Photoshop, you can offer graphic design services. You can also become a freelance photo editor for various events.Ā 

There are plenty of ways to make money as an international student in Ireland.


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