8 Factors To Consider Before Choosing To Study in Russia

8 Factors To Consider Before Choosing To Study in Russia 1

When it comes to a list of study destinations, Russia lands in a comfortable place. It’s not among the most popular destinations, but it also isn’t obscure. Most international students today now want to see what Russia has to offer.

Before choosing to study in Russia, there are factors you must consider. These include the universities you’ll apply for and the culture you’ll meet.

If you’re considering studying in Russia, you must assess your needs first. Here are eight factors to consider before choosing Russia as your study destination:

Russian Universities

Russia is home to world-class universities that offer state-of-the-art facilities. But their overwhelming number makes sorting through options a daunting task. Make sure you have at least three universities to compare for the degree you want. Don’t forget to also assess if your chosen program can prosper in the university.

Cost of Living

Russia ranks among the most affordable study destinations around the world. International students need around ‚ā¨300 to ‚ā¨600 every month for their living expenses. If this figure is within your budget, you can make things work out in Russia. Alternatively, you can also apply for scholarships to make expenses more tolerable.

Student Support Services

Continuous support is essential to uphold and protect your health and rights as a student. Moreover, there must be counseling services available for your mental health. Some of these are non-government organizations or are on university campuses. Check out these student support services that you can reach out to.

Opportunities To Travel

International education is the perfect excuse to travel and see marvelous places. Studying in Russia also gives you opportunities for fun and adventure. Search about things you can enjoy in Russia such as must-see travel destinations.

General Safety

Another thing to consider is your general safety in Russia. You must ensure that your campus, accommodation, and transportation means are safe. It’s also vital to consider your protection against discrimination or other forms of crime. You’ll want to ensure that you’re safe for the entire duration of your stay.

Avenues for Cultural Learning

The majority of international students are in it for cultural learning and awareness. One of the first things you must consider is the avenues for cultural learning. Start with places that house cultural symbols and figures. Then, learn their language, customs and traditions, and more.

Accessibility to Essential Services

How accessible are the hospitals, supermarkets, merchandise stores in your area? Before you choose Russia as your study destination, you must ensure that you’re near these places. A great factor that influences this is your choice of accommodation.

Student Accommodation Options

You must also assess the lodging options available to you. In Russia, you can choose to stay in a dormitory or an apartment. Consider factors such as location, cost, facilities, and inclusions before choosing an accommodation. Note that you must do this early to secure your spot.

Consider these eight factors before choosing Russia as your study destination. Learn more by reading our other articles here at MSM Unify.


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