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7 Tips for First-Year International Students in Russia

7 Tips for First Year International Students in Russia

Russia may not be as popular as other study destinations, but it can rival most in many aspects. As the biggest country in the world, Russia doesn’t fall short of surprises.

But with the excitement comes worry and fright. For international students in their first year, the new life can be a daunting experience.

If you’re a first-year international student, you’ve stumbled on the right place. To help you survive your first year in Russia, keep these seven tips in mind:

Keep Track of Your Money

The exhilarating Russian life can tempt most students to spend their money on a whim. But don’t let impulse control you. Instead, keep track of your money by starting a realistic budget and sticking to it.

We’re sure you want to spend a more laid-back first year full of traveling and exploration. But without a money tracker, you might put your funds in places they’re not supposed to be in.

Switch to a Russian SIM Card

Want to make phone calls and send texts in Russia? Then you need to switch to a Russian SIM card.

Keeping your old one will cost you a lot in roaming call fees. SIM cards are cheap and you can get them almost anywhere in Russia. Don’t forget to compare plan and package options to get the best deal.

Find Avenues for Cultural Growth

One of the greatest gifts of international education is cultural knowledge. But to dip your toes in the Russian culture, you have to find the right places.

Start with museums, opera houses, and cathedrals. Spend some night cinema-hopping and trying out new dishes.

Get a Student Discount Card

Having a discount card makes every day feel like it’s a sale day. If you want to save on your bare essentials plus other services, get a discount card!

The most common student discount card is the ISIC. With this card, you can save on travel, accommodation, entertainment, dining, and more.

Develop an Emergency Plan

Russia is a safe country and you’re guaranteed to live a good life there. But safety isn’t constant and permanent. Sometimes terrible things can take place at uncertain times.

Developing an emergency plan secures you in case of the worst-case scenario. Your plan can consist of funding or arrangements of going home if necessary. 

Connect With the Locals

Speaking of language, what’s the best way to learn basic Russian? Connecting with the locals, of course!

Through this, you can acquaint yourself with daily phrases used in casual conversations. You might even find a friend too!

Make an Exciting Bucket List

You’ll want to make the most out of your study experience in Russia. So in your first year, start creating a bucket list that would motivate you to move forward.

Your list can involve places you want to visit or food you want to try. You can also include your goals in school if you don’t want to keep them separate.

Russia is an incredible destination for international students. If you’re a first-year international student looking for more tips like these, just sort through our resources here at MSM Unify to find what you need.


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