7 Small Habits You Need To Practice While Studying Abroad

7 Small Habits You Need To Practice While Studying Abroad 1

Studying abroad will lure you into the magic of fun and exploration. However, discipline must remain to achieve your goals.

A great way to reach your big goals is to start with small successes. Think about reinventing yourself by developing new habits each day.

As an international student, you need certain habits to keep your mind and body healthy. If you’re unsure how we listed a few things here to get you started

Stay Active and Hydrated

Start by doing short jogs every morning after you wake up. If your location isn’t conducive to this, you can simply jog in place in your room.

Simple aerobic exercises can also improve your blood circulation. It helps ease your muscles after a long day of wrestling with academic duties.

Do Small Daily Tasks

They say if you can do it in two minutes, then do it now. There’s no reason for you to procrastinate on very small tasks each day.

While studying overseas start with fixing your bed or taking out the trash. These tasks may be so simple, but they would make you feel accomplished throughout the day.

Keep a Daily Journal

Having a daily journal is like having a friend who won’t turn his back on you. You can write about your day, spill harmless secrets, or talk about your dreams with your journal.

You can also add a mood tracker so you can keep in touch with your emotional well-being. If you’d like, you can also use your journal to add to-lists and reminders.

Set a Schedule

Foreign students juggle multiple things at a time: work, study, travel, and more. Operating on a schedule helps you visualize how effectively you use your time. 

Scheduling also keeps you on track of things you need to complete. This could be a study task or attending your part-time work during weekends.

Learn a New Word a Day

A fun way to familiarize the language of your home country is to learn a new word daily. You can refer to a dictionary or ask a local friend to throw new words at you.

You can keep track of new words in a notebook. But make sure that you know how to use them in communicating. Otherwise, learning the word would be meaningless.

Stay off Your Phone 

Phones are wonderful devices that serve as tools for a more convenient life. But, we can’t deny that they’re also sources of distraction.

Try to stay off your phone for a couple of minutes. Try to turn it off sometimes when not in active use.

Take Short Breaks

Finally, don’t feel guilty about taking short breaks. Don’t push yourself into thinking that extreme productivity is the key to success.

During study abroad programs remember to take care of yourself with gradual rest. Take the time to watch that TV series or attend a virtual concert of your fave artists.

Building small habits can lead to big changes. If you want to find more tips about studying abroad, browse our articles here on MSM Unify.


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