7 Must-Visit Places in Germany

7 Must Visit Places in Germany 1

Gorgeous countries like Germany gift the world with timeless charm. From captivating landscapes to crystal clear rivers, Germany has it all. 

These must-see sights have enticed many tourists and travelers alike. The divine castles and cobblestone paths make a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

If you’re studying in Germany, you need to complete your bucket list with these amazing places. Surround yourself in absolute awe by seeing these must-visit places in Germany:

1. Munich

Munich is at the heart of metropolitan life in Germany. The city is best known for its magnificent architecture across cathedrals and castles.

Taking a trip down to Munich is like traversing back through time. Munich is home to many museums that display art pieces across German history.

Of course, marveling at the beauty of Munich won’t be complete without Oktoberfest. This annual beer festival guarantees a wonderful experience to all foreign tourists. 

2. The Black Forest

Want to visit the place that inspired most Grimm fairy tales? The Black Forest may have a dark, sullen name, but it exudes beauty like no other.

The wooded hills of the black forest send an overcast of shadows over hikers. Its hiking trails are also excellent for occasional hiking adventures.

If you want to move out of the busy city and into the woods, let the Black Forest be your first destination. 

3. Berlin

Berlin boasts culture and architecture from both the past and present. Historical pieces and monuments still coexist with modern art.

As the capital of Germany, Berlin pulses with political and economic discourses. Apart from these, you can also find the Brandenburg Gate. This structural marvel was Germany’s first neoclassical monument.

4. Insel Mainau

Germany’s famous flower island called Insel Mainau is the ultimate spot for a dreamy vacation. Don’t miss the chance to witness how flowers bloom in Spring. Make sure to visit the place during your much-awaited Spring break.

Insel Mainau’s incredible landscape transforms into a flower bed during Spring. You can see a variety of flowers including roses and tulips, as well as other exotic plants.

5. Leipzig

If you want to see famous magnificent churches in Germany, Leipzig is a great location. Home to century-old cathedrals and museums, the place is a must-see spot.

Leipzig is best known for the St. Thomas Church. Composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach acted as a music director here. 

6. Dresden

Even the second world war couldn’t topple the immaculate beauty of Dresden. After the mass destruction of the place during the war, Dresden underwent reconstruction to restore its former glory. 

Now possessing the beauty it once lost, Dresden is a top site for visiting foreigners. Today, it’s still considered the city of operatic tradition and German music.

7. Görlitz

Movie fans would definitely love Görlitz! Anderon’s The Grand Budapest Hotel and Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds were shot here.

Görlitz is also packed with beautiful houses. The architecture in this town alone is a must-see marvel. 

Want to learn more about German places to see? Check out our other stories here at MSM Unify to find more. 


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