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6 Safety Tips for International Students in St. Petersburg

6 Safety Tips for International Students in St. Petersburg

Staying in St. Petersburg is generally safe for all international students. However, it’s not right to stay complacent and hope that ill fortune won’t come upon you. The smartest move to make is to always stay vigilant and cautious.

With that in mind, here are six safety tips for international students like you in St. Petersburg:

Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

This should be common sense, but we get that sometimes you can be distracted while sightseeing. Before you even take a trip, leave your valuables like jewelry behind. 

If possible, bring a compact bag like a backpack or a sling bag. This makes it possible for you to place all your items safely and swing them in front of you.

Be Sensible When Navigating Roads

Even with road safety rules in place, who’s there to say that every driver will strictly follow them? Some drivers wouldn’t even hesitate to cross the road even with a red light on.

Instead of relying your safety on road laws, practice heightened sensibility when navigating roads. Stay on the pedestrian side of the lane and cross the streets when a large crowd is crossing.

Stay Away From Certain Zones at Night

The night is the time when bar patrons come out of their homes to have some fun. Unfortunately, interacting with them can be a lot of trouble, especially if you’re alone.

Avoid staying too long near the Moskovsky railway station after hours. There are many bars along Goncharnaya street where most drinkers go, so try to stay away from these areas.

Don’t Take Photographs of Everything

This rule doesn’t only apply in St. Petersburg but all of Russia. You shouldn’t mindlessly take photos of everything you see, particularly buildings used for military purposes.

If you’re unsure what these buildings are, don’t take pictures of anyone in a uniform. This is strictly prohibited, and you might face serious consequences.

Stick to Bottled Water When Thirsty

Well, tap water isn’t exactly dangerous, but you don’t want to get stomach upsets while on the go, right? You can use tap water for anything including cleaning and washing your food. But you’re going out for a trip, just take a bottle of filtered water with you.

You can get bottled water in convenience stores, supermarkets, and some pharmacies. Alternatively (and even better), you can buy a small jug and refill it with filtered water.

Only Use Licensed and Authorized Taxis

Not only are unlicensed taxis unsafe, but you’ll also end up paying a higher amount for fares. Plus, taking a licensed taxi is just as easy anyway, so there’s no need to take an unauthorized one.

If you want better convenience, you can use the app called Yandex Taxi where you can book and see your fare in advance.

Staying safe is essential in a big and busy city like St. Petersburg. If you want more tips to ensure your safety in the country, take a look at our other articles here at MSM Unify to learn more. 


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