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5 Affordable Ways To Effectively Study a New Language

5 Affordable Ways To Effectively Study a New Language

5 Affordable Ways To Effectively Study a New Language

Being fluent in a language other than your mother tongue is an excellent skill. It gives you that edge to stand out, become more confident, and embrace uniqueness.

However, the rarity of affordable language courses can be a dilemma. For many foreign students, studying a new language isn’t for all the fun alone. It’s a basic need they must achieve to score an admission at a university overseas.

If you want to study a new language without hurting your bank account, we have some tips here. Consider these five affordable ways to learn a new language effectively:

Take a Free Language Course From the Host Country

Some countries love to make it easy for foreign learners to adapt. Depending on which country you’ll study in, a language course may come for free.

These language courses are often a prerequisite to an academic program. Some courses may last for as short as six months, while others, for as long as a year.

Some universities also offer a free language course to new foreign students. Don’t forget to consult with your chosen university to see if they provide a language course.

Participate in a Language Society on Campus

Being a student gives you a great position to participate in language societies. These are campus organizations where like-minded students join to create a network.


Most language societies embark on various activities to learn a new language. These may involve the screening of foreign films or travels to other countries.

As a member of a language society, you’ll meet other students with varying skills in the language. Your engagements with them can help push your skills for the better.

Look for Community-Based Language Courses Near You

Some local civil organizations and councils offer language courses at a low cost. Most of these courses are made for busy adults, so lessons are often in the evenings or on weekends.

You can also check with local churches that might offer language classes. For religious sectors, most language teachers are volunteers, so the lessons are free. A simple donation can be an act of gratitude.

Download and Use Free Language Apps

Language apps dominate most application stores today. The best part is, most of them are free! But do consider subscribing to their services if you find the services helpful.

Some famous language apps today are Duolingo, TripLingo, and Memrise. You can choose a language to master and gradually improve with daily practice.

Become a Virtual Volunteer for an International Organization

Want to learn a new language while making a difference? Virtual volunteering is the answer.

Becoming a virtual volunteer for an international organization can build your skills. Not to mention, this part of your experience looks good on your resume or CV.

Interacting with an international community compels you to learn their language. Don’t worry because most of these groups offer language lessons to volunteers. 

Studying a new language doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg in the process. Take on some language learning tips here at MSM Unify to become a master of different languages.


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