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3 Interesting Facts About Malaysia for Students

3 Interesting Facts About Malaysia for Students

Malaysia is a diverse and culturally rich country that is also one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. But did you know that it’s also considered one of the best places in the world to acquire a well-rounded international education?

International student life in Malaysia may be a fantastic experience because of the various benefits that students can take advantage of, such as low-cost living, cultural and gastronomic diversity, and even the weather. Other benefits include the ease of going to neighboring countries and experiencing South Asia, as well as the language convenience of English being widely spoken.

The application procedure for international students might be lengthy and stressful, but the process for entering Malaysia as an international student is surprisingly quick and uncomplicated. Discover Malaysia by reading this article.

Malaysian universities have low tuition fees

One of the most compelling reasons to study in Malaysia is that you will be surrounded by a diverse set of people and will have access to a wide range of academic programs at reasonable pricing. Students can obtain degree options that allow them to study in Malaysia while receiving certified certifications from their partner universities in Australia and the United Kingdom, despite the low tuition fees.

Malaysia’s Qualifications Agency (MQA) assesses the quality of all parts of the country’s educational system. This ensures that public and private higher education institutions are of good quality and that students obtain skills that apply to their sector of work.

Students can, for example, pursue a degree from an international university headquartered outside of Malaysia, such as Nottingham University, while paying Malaysian tuition. Students would spend roughly USD 22,300 for a Bachelor of Business degree at Nottingham University UK campus, however, the same degree would only cost USD 8,850 at Nottingham University Malaysia campus.

Rapidly enhancing the quality of higher education

Malaysian universities are fast improving and aren’t far behind universities that provide world-class education, although not being on par with those in other Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Because of Malaysia’s education system and insistence on international standards, certain universities offer courses in computer science and engineering that are among the top 100 in the world. The Ministry of Higher Education, which aspires to make Malaysia a Center of Excellence for Higher Education, keeps a watchful eye on educational standards.

Affordable living costs

Other benefits of studying in Malaysia include the comparatively low cost of living, which allows international students to spend more time enjoying, traveling, and experiencing a wonderful side of independent life. In Malaysia, students may get a dinner for less than $4, which helps them save money. Rent is also quite low, and students now have access to a variety of leisure facilities thanks to the emergence of low-cost condominiums. Furthermore, transportation is quite convenient due to Malaysia’s outstanding transportation infrastructure, which includes trains and buses that run every day. Taxis are also readily accessible and reasonably priced.

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