2021 Trends: Industries That Emerged in France

2021 Trends: Industries That Emerged in France

2021 Trends: Industries That Emerged in France

France is one of the countries in western Europe that was severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, in terms of public health and the state of the economy. Before the pandemic, the country had thriving domestic and international tourism. In 2016 in particular, France recorded a total of €198.30 billion increase in its GDP due to travel and tourism. 

However, due to travel restrictions imposed by the government, the country experienced a huge loss, both in local and international travels. In fact, in 2020, the country has incurred more than €60 billion in its industries’ economic losses. 

Fast forward to 2021, and the country is starting to get back on its feet. In addition, although many industries have suffered because of the pandemic, there is also a lot that emerged in response to the current market demands. Some even rebounded by undergoing some adjustments and changes. 

Industries That Emerged During the Pandemic

According to LinkedIn, through its Jobs on the Rise Reports, the health care industry, retail, and childhood industry emerged strong, and have become in-demand in France because of the pandemic. One of the reasons it cited is because some of those jobs did not necessarily need graduate degrees or even long work experience.

In fact, individuals who belong in industries greatly affected by the pandemic, especially in hospitality and tourism, were able to change into a completely different industry belonging to those sectors. Some underwent retraining as nursing or medical assistants, or childminders. 

Top Sectors That Helped Revitalize the French Labor Market

LinkedIn, in its recent report, has identified sectors in healthcare, retail, coaching, and even early childhood as the sectors that are currently helping revive the French labor market. Below are some of them. 

Health and well-being became a priority for many people to protect themselves from the severe effects of contracting the virus. According to LinkedIn, this is the sector for which a lot of people retrained. In fact, many educators and project managers have become nutritionists and sports coaches. 

Supermarkets and retail adapted to the new consumer practices in France by turning digital. Some large brands such as Carrefour and Intermarche have experienced an 86% growth in recruitment. 

Specialized medical professions have experienced a lot of salary increases and unprecedented bonuses due to the shortages experienced by the hospitals during the pandemic. Because of this, there are a lot of vacant positions for health care jobs in France, such as nursing. 

Real estate has also experienced an increase in demand and vacant positions due to the number of people looking for better spaces while they do their work and spend time at home. 

Health facility work staff, like others in the healthcare sector, have experienced a huge demand since 2020. However, many patients are unable to go to the hospital, thus teleconsultations have increased. 

Logistics and supply chain has experienced a huge demand due to the increase of online shopping. Since 2019, the number of job vacancies on logistics and supply chain has increased by 65%. 

Elderly assistance has also experienced a huge demand for workers, due to the elderly being one of the most vulnerable sectors affected by COVID-19. Nursing homes have increased their recruitment’s by around 84% since 2020. 

Early Childhood Sector

According to LinkedIn, from 2019 to 2020, the number of positions filled by individuals in industries related to the early childhood sector increase by 62%, and the number is continuously rising. In fact, many professionals have also retrained to work in this sector. 

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