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Yoobee College Continually Offers Programs for International Students As Part of New Cohort to NZ

Yoobee College Continually Offers Programs for International Students As Part of New Cohort to NZ

Yoobee College Continually Offers Programs for International Students As Part of New Cohort to NZ

As the world faces the COVID-19 variant omicron, the new cohort of international students coming to NZ is still tentative and may most likely be in Q2. Yoobee College continually offers unique academic programs for interested students coming to New Zealand this year. For eligibility, international students must follow the following requirements:


Program Offerings

1. Certificate in Creative Media

  • Students taking the program will focus on graphic design, filmmaking, animation, and interactive design. They will also touch on video creation and editing, web development, photography, and coding. 
  • Tuition fee:  $NZ3,610.00
  • Commences 22nd February 2022 or July 2022
  • Campus: Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch

2. Diploma in Digital Design

  • Students interested in the program will focus on design foundation, web design, graphic design, and interface design. The program was developed to meet the latest industry demands and equip students with skills needed in producing engaging work for online and digital outputs. Students have 40 weeks with four 10-week modules to complete in-depth assessments for each topic.
  • Commences 8th February 2022 or July 2022

3. Bachelor of Design Innovation (awarded by Victoria University of Wellington)

  • This program runs for three years and prepares students for a career in design-related industries. Students will major in the following areas: animation and visual effects, communication design, design for social innovation, fashion design technology, game design, industrial design, interaction design, or media design.
  • Complete Level 5 online
  • Complete Level 6 in New Zealand
  • Promote to Victoria University of Wellington and achieve 18 months credit toward the university degree

Degree Pathways​

1. Bachelor of Software Engineering (Level 7)

  • This program is to prepare students for a career in Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Game Development, and Web and App Development. Students have a choice to specialize in these areas in Year 2. Project-based learning is also offered so students will graduate with real-world skills. At least 50 percent of the entire course is dedicated to tutor-led programming plus 15 percent oriented around group projects.
  • Program commences 22nd February 2022 or July 2022

2. Bachelor of Animation (Level 7)

  • This program specializes in 2D and 3D character animation which produces world-class animators after graduation. Students will learn about the principles of storytelling for film and animation, studio-based life drawing classes, 2D and 3D animation and modeling, and visual communication design.
  • Commences 21st February 2022 or July 2022

3. Bachelor of Digital Innovation (Level 7)

  • As the world is constantly changing, scripts need to be changed and major business thinking shifts must be made. Students will focus on business, technology, design, and marketing in a totally different approach. The program offers 8 to 10 weeks of guaranteed work experience while studying with brands like Facebook, HP, Zillow, and Snapchat.
  • Commences 21st February 2022

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