Why Should You Study Biotechnology in Ireland?

Why Should You Study Biotechnology in Ireland
Ireland’s higher education is known for its long tradition of academic excellence. This is due to the state’s strong assistance to the education sector, especially in funding the country’s higher education institutions (HEIs) research, especially in the sciences.  

With the country’s strong academic and research capabilities, it is no wonder that the country is also a top study destination for many international students pursuing a science course. Thus it is also normal that many students would like to study biotechnology in Ireland. 

What is Biotechnology

Biotechnology refers to the use of biology and incorporating them into technology to optimize its ability to solve problems through the creation of useful products. As an academic field, biotechnology these days covers many disciplines including genetic engineering, molecular biology, biochemistry, and so on. 

Biotechnology helps in developing products to be used by various industries, such as in medicine, agriculture, and even in industrial processes. However, the area where it produces the most products is in the area of therapeutics and other drugs. 

Why Study Biotechnology in Ireland?

Ireland, in general, is home to various top-ranking HEIs in the world. Also, the country’s education system is one of the best in the world. In fact, in 2019, the country ranked in the top 10 of the IMB World Competitiveness Ranking when it comes to education. 

Those are just some of the general reasons why students should study in Ireland. However, when it comes to biotechnology, here are the specific reasons why international students should choose Ireland. 

Home to the World’s Top Biotech Companies

Did you know that Ireland is home to many of the world’s top biotech companies? These companies include Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Regeneron, and so on. One of the reasons why these top companies have flocked to Ireland is due to its education system. According to an Irish Times article, lots of universities in the country offer biomedical science and other related courses important to biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the country. Also, Ireland’s location makes it easier for these companies to access the greater European market. 

For international students taking biotechnology or other courses related to it, this also means better opportunities and the chance to work in Ireland’s top-notch pharmaceutical and biotech companies. It’s also the chance to learn from some of the best in the world. 

Also, it is easier for international students to apply for internships in those top companies. As a result, graduates of biotechnology in Ireland increase their employability prospects, both in Ireland and other parts of the world.

The Industry has Contributed a Lot to the Country’s GDP

Another reason why you should study biotechnology in Ireland is due to this industry’s role in increasing the country’s GDP. That just shows how big and successful this industry is in Ireland. In 2019, for example, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies will contribute 32% to the country’s GDP. 

Because of the industry’s role in the country’s economy, it also continues to develop and evolve with the help of other companies and the government. Now, imagine studying in this kind of environment where the sciences are given the utmost support not only by other organizations but by the state itself. 

Overall, taking a degree in biotechnology in Ireland is sure to open a lot of opportunities to students. However, those opportunities are only as good as your performance while studying there. So remember to also put in hard work in your studies.

Have you already decided where you want to study in Ireland? Let MSM Unify help you. Check out MSM Unify’s article on the Best Colleges and Universities for International Students in Ireland.  


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