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Why Indian Students Are Runaway Winners in UK’s Updated Int’l Education Strategy

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The United Kingdom is one of the top destinations for international students seeking higher education. This is because there is freedom in combining courses with a student’s subject of interest. There is a wide range of higher education programs that students and professionals can enroll in to develop their knowledge and skills.

New Turing Scheme

The UK recently introduced the Turing Scheme as part of its updated International Education Strategy. The Turing Scheme focuses on providing global opportunities in education and training for students, including those from other countries.

The new scheme was announced after the UK completed its exit from the European Union in 2020. Established by the UK Department for Education, the Turing Scheme is a student exchange program that serves as a replacement for the Erasmus+ Programme, which only focuses on the European countries.

In its latest strategy for international education, the UK has identified India as one of the leading countries for more student exchange projects to share with. After China and the United States, India ranks third in having the most number of international students in the UK. Based on statistics, there has been a consistent increase in Indian students studying in the UK since 2018-2019.


Key takeaways from the new international education strategy

The UK takes on a positive approach in reaching out to students abroad by expanding access to their top-quality international education. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to visit India this year to put emphasis on the education opportunities being offered to Indian students.

Aside from this, here’s what the UK’s latest strategy could mean for international education in general.

Improving online learning

With the new strategy, barriers will be identified and resolved with regard to online and other learning modalities in the world. With the COVID-19 pandemic putting restrictions on face-to-face classes, there is a need to improve on the quality of online distance learning. Finding ways to make learning easier for international students is important.


Putting focus on the future of international graduates in the UK

One of the main reasons why international students want to study in the UK is to have better career options. With a world-class education under their belt, UK graduates are a cut above the rest. The new strategy will be emphasizing the outcome of international education and how this will benefit students from abroad.


Promoting diversity in education

As the strategy mentioned India as one of the countries to reach out to, UK Universities Minister Michelle Donelan also wants other international students from disadvantaged backgrounds to benefit as well. This educational opportunity also extends to international students from Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

The support continues

International students will be assisted from start to finish, from considering what study option to choose and study location to go, to securing a visa and even finding employment after completing the program.

Education agency partners are crucial in making this new strategy a success. With partner agencies, international students are not left on their own once they have enrolled in their chosen program.

With the new strategy rolled out, education agency partners can expect a rise in applications for UK education. International students must be supported throughout the application process and assisted in their preparations, which include passing their English language exams and meeting other requirements for admission.

Providing reliable resources and support allows education agency partners to help international students in another way: boosting their self-confidence and strengthening their resolve to pursue their dreams.

MSM Unify is a student recruitment platform that connects education providers in the UK and other markets to agents and their students in different countries, including India. Keep posted for more news and information about international education around the world. 


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