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Where Should You Study in Germany? Cheapest Cities in Germany

Where Should You Study in Germany? Cheapest Cities in Germany

Top 3 Best Student Cities in Germany for International Students

Germany offers a cheaper option to study for many international students than other European countries such as the UK and France. 

Most German public higher educational institutions (HEIs) offer free or discounted tuition fees to students, including international students from the EU and outside the EU. 

Aside from that, it has a lower cost of living than many countries in Europe. 

However, for many students, saving as much money as they can is important, and the place where they choose to stay can affect that a lot. 

To help you decide on the place to study, here’s a list of the cheapest cities in Germany. 

Why Germany? 

Aside from its promise of accessible education, Germany is also known for its rigorous classes and world-class education. It is also home to 46 universities that are ranked in the 2022 QS World University Rankings. Three among those belong in the top 100. 

Aside from its high-ranking universities, students who have graduated in Germany are known to have a high rate of employment, the second-highest in Europe in 2017. Thus, you are sure that if you studied and graduated in Germany, your future is already secured. 

Cheapest Cities in Germany

As of 2021, Munich has the highest cost of living in Germany. However, it also has one of the highest purchasing power indexes among its citizens. 

If you want to stay in much cheaper places in Germany, check these cities out. 


Renting in another country can be pricey and one which most students are most concerned about. 

In that case, why not choose Bielefeld. Renting in Bielefeld can be 84% to 130% lower than renting in Munich, be they inside or outside the city center. For example, as of 2021, per Numbeo, renting inside the city center of Bielefeld might only cost you EUR 550 per month, while in Munich, rent inside the city center is around EUR 1276. 

Moreover, some rentals may even be as low as EUR 200 per month.  

Aside from that, food in Bielefeld is also more affordable. A cup of coffee can cost you as low as EUR 2.94, while a meal at an inexpensive restaurant is just around EUR 11.00. The city’s flagship institution, the Bielefeld University, also ranked in the QS World University Rankings. 

Frankfurt (Oder)

Another affordable place in Germany is Frankfurt (Oder), found in East Germany, at the Polish border. 

The city has a small population, just around 57,000. Moreover, rent and the cost of living are also lower here. A place outside the city center of the city here is more than a hundred percent lower in Munich, or around EUR 422.50. However, utilities can be quite expensive. Thus, you must consider this when looking for a place to rent, 

When it comes to food, there are a lot of inexpensive restaurants in the city, which students can check out once in a while. 


Halle is located in the center part of the country. Rent, utilities, and food are much lower here than in Munich and may even be lower than in the cities discussed above. 

If you are planning to stay outside Halle’s city center, rent can be as low as EUR 276, or more than 200% lower compared to Munich. Utilities are lower too. 

However, the food here is the lowest. In fact, at an inexpensive restaurant, you can buy a three-course meal for only EUR 9.50. 

Those are just some of the cheapest cities in Germany, other cities not discussed above but also offer affordable rent, and food are Krefeld and Passau.

Learn more about Germany as a study destination by checking out our articles here at MSM Unify.


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