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What You Need to Know About the GTE

What You Need to Know About the GTE

What You Need to Know About the GTE


Australia is among the top destination countries for international students to gain premier education that would prepare them for their entry into the job market. Studying in Australia means completing the General Temporary Entrant (GTE).


The GTE requirement is in place to make sure that the student visa program is accessed as intended and not abused as a means for students to gain permanent residency. In general, it should show that students would leave the country after completing their course requirements or after graduating from an Australian university.


Completing the GTE

The GTE process starts as soon as the student visa application commences while doing the counselling of students. The counselling includes selection of country, courses, and universities. 

In cases when the students are not directly counselled by Australian officials, their documentary requirements, including transcript of records (TOR), IELTS, passport, and marriage documents, will undergo thorough assessment. Officials will also do other background checks through genuine portals. They will also take personal, telephonic and Skype interviews of students to check their English proficiency during the interview.

Students are likewise encouraged to write an SOP (Statement of Purpose), taking into account the following points:

About Self

Students must provide comprehensive information about themselves, including the goals for the study and what they want to achieve after graduation. 

Academic History

It is also critical to mention any information about your previous academic study to let the officials know whether your past accounts are aligned with your documentary requirements. If you have any gap years in study, mention it as well and state the reason for this. Include notable learning experiences whenever necessary. 

Work Experience

If you’ve had any significant working experience, it is worth mentioning as well. This can strengthen your need to get higher education. It can also help justify your gap years, if any. 

Why Australia

You should also provide Australian immigration a plausible reason for choosing to study in Australia. It would help to state what sets Australia apart from other countries. If there is anything notable about what swayed your decision from studying in other countries, state it as well. 

Reason for Choosing University and Course

It would also help your claim if you mention the reasons why you chose a particular university and the course. Mention the reasons why you think the university and course can help you achieve your future goals. 

Career Plans

Most immigration officials will validate your answers based on your career goals. That’s why it would significantly help to state, in detail, your career plans after graduation and how your chosen course can help prepare you for this. 

Accommodation Plans

Make sure that you already have accommodation arrangements prior to applying for your student visa. This will show the officials that you have adequately prepared for your arrival into the country.

Sponsor Details

If you will not be financially able to support your international education, you also need to mention who will act as your main sponsor, including how capable they are of providing for your financial needs.

Personal Ties to Home Country

You should also provide immigration officials information about your personal ties to your home country. You need to prove that you have enough reasons to go back to your home country after study completion. This may include names of your relatives and significant investments that will compel you not to stay in Australia. 

Economic Situation in Home Country

Immigration authorities will also scrutinize your economic situation back home. It is important that you provide substantial evidence to show that you have employment or business activities or job offers with salary and benefits after your graduation. Showing relevant tax records and bank statements can help. 

Visa History

Any history of past travels to and from Australia or other countries will help justify your intentions of going to Australia to gain education. 

The personal statement must be submitted in English. For students not comfortable expressing their thoughts in English, accomplishing the statement in their own language is highly recommended, but it should be translated prior to submission. Students must also attach all relevant documents to the statement. 

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