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Ways To Find the Perfect College Roommate

Ways To Find the Perfect College Roommate

Ways To Find the Perfect College Roommate
While college may be prepared from exerting hard work and time, finding the perfect college roommate may seem quite impossible.

Spoiler alert: it’s not. It can be an easy task for you if you know how to approach the situation. But for others, it can be an arduous and challenging one. You have to limit your expectations and understand that you may not meet them. So, research and do some networking. Who knows, you might be bound to find a new roommate that will be a new friend. Below are some ways on how you can find the roommate that best suits you:

  1. Craft a ‘roommate qualities’ list

Before listing down your expected qualities of a roommate, first, do some self-reflecting. Are you messy? Are you noisy? Do you easily get irritated? Make a list of these qualities, then use them as a guide for your search.

For sure, it will be difficult to find someone that checks all of the criteria but a list of what’s important to you is already a great start. Look for those that match your habits and interests to avoid a clash of perspectives and opinions. Probably the best roommate is the one that you can relate to and has the same expectations as you.

  1. Search within friends or friends of friends

Somebody out there, ideally a friend or acquaintance, is also looking for a roommate to live with. Use this opportunity to ask them if they want you to be their roommate. But you should also know that friends also have shared conflicts and that does not mean living well together. If you decide to have them as your roomie, talk to them about your habits then decide if that is a good fit. If not, ask them if they know someone that they can refer to as a roommate.

Take note, your relationship with your roommate is not always built on friendship.  What matters is that you live well together.

  1. Take your search online

There are search engines available for those seeking a roommate like RoomSurf.com. Here, all you have to do is to sign up, complete a quiz, and the engine will find the perfect match for you. Another app is Roomie, where you can swipe left and right on your potential roommates.

Moreover, one way is through Facebook groups. Facebook can be a great avenue for meeting and connecting people, a roommate if possible. Several colleges have student-run Facebook groups that guide roommate searching. However, you need to be vigilant and be honest online. It may be risky, but it is certainly worth the try.

  1. Let your college do the job

If you don’t want to stress out about dorm stuff, you may opt to have your college pick a roommate for you. This works out great, but sometimes it doesn’t. It can be stressful, but it is probably the easiest option for you. Try your luck—who knows? You might have the perfect match for you.

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