Walsh University Launches New Aviation Degree Amid Int’l Pilot Shortage

Walsh University Launches New Aviation Degree Amid Intl Pilot Shortage

Walsh University has announced the opening of a new Bachelor of Science in Professional Aviation in collaboration with FAA-approved American Winds Aviation, in the midst of an international pilot shortage.

The new program is a 2+2 degree program in which students acquire their certified pilot license and an associate degree from American Winds before continuing to Walsh for their Bachelor of Science in Professional Aviation.

Many employers now demand or prefer individuals with a bachelor’s degree, including commercial airlines.

Students can complete their academic curriculum in person or online and then enroll in flight training with American Winds, which provides 24/7 flight training, full-time instructors, and online scheduling.

For the aviation associate degree, Walsh will also offer 21 credits of general education. Moreover, current Walsh students may be able to obtain an aviation rating while still enrolled at the institution.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the aviation business is expected to grow at a rate of 13 percent over the next decade, outpacing all other occupations. There will be an average of 14,500 opportunities for the airline and commercial pilots per year as a result of this.

Many of the opportunities are due to pilots who have recently retired or will soon retire. According to the Bureau, airline and commercial pilots earn an average of US$130,440 a year.

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