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Understanding New Zealand’s Healthcare System

Understanding New Zealand’s Healthcare System

Understanding New Zealand's Healthcare System
Pasted Image 0If there is a country that excellently provides “a fair go” in life through its health capabilities, it is New Zealand, without any doubt.

A small island country located southeast of Australia, New Zealand is popular for having one of the best healthcare systems in the world. In this country, healthcare is very affordable and accessible. In fact, public health care in New Zealand is free or inexpensive if you are a citizen, resident, or working visa holder. Also, it is so easy to get seen by a doctor.

Healthcare services can be availed even if you are not a resident. Medical insurance is widely available but if you plan to study in the country, it is advised that you get medical insurance in your home country first.

To give you more insights, here are some facts about New Zealand’s healthcare system:

The government runs the healthcare system

New Zealand’s national government manages the country’s universal healthcare system. Through its budget and the agencies, healthcare became free to access as its funds came from the people’s taxes and the government itself.

However, the responsibility for providing such medical services is assigned to the country’s regional and private healthcare centers.

It is not completely centralized

New Zealand’s healthcare system is a mixture of both public and private. But it still exists as a form of public funding.

New Zealanders, also called Kiwis, are granted the same universal healthcare packages as all their residents. And if they want to have non-essential services, then they should pay for them themselves.

Medicines are not provided by the government

Under the healthcare system, drugs and medicines are not provided by the state. Rather, individuals use prescriptions or the counters to private pharmacies that give them the medicine they need.

The government financially compensates for injuries

In New Zealand, services for injuries are often free of charge. The country even has the Accidental Compensation Corporation (ACC), a government agency that helps people with injuries be provided financial compensation when accidents happen to them.

Private health insurance is widely available

Private health insurance only compensates for 5% of health insurance. If you want elective surgery or cover cost-sharing, you can use your private health insurance that is offered by nonprofit and for-profit non-government organizations.

New Zealand’s health care also faces some problems

The healthcare system in the country is not perfect. One problem they face is the decrease in available hospital beds. Another problem is inequality. Even if the country’s healthcare system is effective, the Maori tribe cannot easily access health care like the other Kiwis. This makes the indigenous tribe not acknowledge medical use and not get proper treatment.

Emergency number

If a medical emergency occurs, dial 111 to call for an ambulance.

New Zealand is not only a great place for healthcare but also education. Find out about the country’s quality of education by reading our articles here at MSM Unify.


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