UCF Expands Tuition Assistance Through Additional Company Partnerships

UCF Expands Tuition Assistance Through Additional Company Partnerships

The University of Central Florida (UCF) has been added to the educational program partner list of a number of Fortune 1000 organizations, helping to make a college degree more accessible.

Students employed by Bon Secours Mercy Health, Chipotle, Discover, Taco Bell, Target, and Waste Management may be eligible for tuition assistance depending on their academic major.

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Academic programs are chosen for and by employers based on the policies, strategies, and career routes that they have established for their workforce.

Students may visit guildeducation.com/academic-partner-programs for additional information and to discover whether they qualify for the assistance.

Guild Education is the one facilitating the partnerships. The Guild’s industry-leading technology platform enables the country’s major companies to provide targeted education and upskilling to their workforce.

Guild connects employees to a learning marketplace of the best learning partners in the country for working adults, with tuition covered by the firm.

Students working at the companies are encouraged to inquire about Guild’s university partners program by contacting their company’s Human Resources department.

Guild’s payments and technology platform curated learning marketplace, and advanced education and career services all work together to assist working adult learners grow debt-free in their education and careers.

These new partner programs go beyond UCF’s existing successful corporate programs, such as the popular Disney Aspire program.

Aspire provides tuition benefits to eligible Disney employees and cast members at a variety of programs and partner colleges, including UCF, which joined the network in 2019.

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