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Types and Costs of Accommodations for International Students in British Columbia

Types and Costs of Accommodations for International Students in British Columbia 1

Aside from its unmatched beauty, this Canadian province is also home to affordable universities for international students. There is Vancouver Island University, British Columbia Institute of Technology, and Kwantlen Polytechnic University, to name a few.

If you’re attending a university in British Columbia, your funds should cover more than just your tuition fees. You must allot funds for insurance, leisure, and of course, accommodation.

Your choice of accommodation shouldn’t be treated as a temporary shelter. Think of it as a new home that comforts you after a long day of striving for academic success. Choose your accommodations wisely.

On-Campus Residence 

Many universities in British Columbia offer on-campus residence for international students. There are even on-campus accommodations for students with families in some universities such as the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University.

An on-campus residence is a great option if you want to live much closer to your campus. It saves you time from travelling, and can be more convenient for you in case you need to run back to your place in an event of an emergency.u

Depending on the proximity of your residence from the campus, it may even be possible to just walk or bike to school. According to NBC News, walking is an excellent exercise, as it provides both physical and mental benefits.

An on-campus residence often has other facilities including parking and laundry. Some residences have WiFi connections and telephone services. Make sure to check with your university about these utilities.

There are often shared or single bedrooms in this type of accommodation. But most residences have communal areas like the living room and kitchen where students can interact. 

At the University of British Columbia, the Place Vanier costs around CAD 650‚Äď825 per month. In Totem park, the rent costs CAD 463‚Äď941 every month.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Costs of off-campus accommodation are relatively higher compared to an on-campus residence, but it offers other benefits too. If you prefer a more private and more comfortable place where your freedom is unbridled, live off-campus. 

Universities are generally very helpful to students looking for off-campus accommodations. At Simon Fraser University, students have access to an off-campus accommodation website where they browse through different options. 

In major cities like Vancouver, off-campus accommodation will cost you from CAD 700 up to CAD 2,200 every month. 

Apartment Renting 

Websites such as Vancouver Apartments and NestPick show available apartment spaces where international students can stay. 

When opting for a shared apartment, make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of tenancy. Also inquire about the facilities, amenities, and utilities that are included in your monthly rent. 

Apartments usually have bedrooms that you and your friends could each occupy. Rent is relatively more affordable compared to off-campus accommodations since rent is shared and divided equally among you and your friends. 

Accommodations serve as your second home while studying in British Columbia. Choose one that meets your every need. 

British Columbia is a marvelous place to study and live. For more information regarding accommodation and the cost of living in other provinces in Canada to study abroad, read our articles here at MSM Unify.


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