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Top 3 Best Student Cities in Germany for International Students

Top 3 Best Student Cities in Germany for International Students

Top 3 Best Student Cities in Germany for International Students

Studying in Germany is an exhilarating experience for many international students. No wonder it’s growing as a top study abroad destination in the world.

Germany offers one of the world’s most affordable education – sometimes free. It’s also one of the safest places to live as an international student. Not to mention, it has a long list of world-renowned universities.

If you want to pursue premium education, it’s best to start with the best student cities in Germany. Each student city offers a unique perspective of German culture and life. Your choice of student city will also affect your lifestyle and your cost of living in Germany.

Here’s a list of the best student cities in Germany for international students:


Munich in itself is an attraction people shouldn’t miss. The city is best known for the famous annual beer festival, “Oktoberfest.” It’s also home to countless outdoor adventures such as skiing and snowboarding.

As the third biggest city in Germany, Munich doesn’t come short with surprises. Apart from the fun, it’s also a hotspot of technology, business, and tourism. It’s also known as a hub for spiritual studies and German philosophy.

In Germany, three universities have been granted the “elite” status—two are in Munich. These are the Technical University of Munich and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Why does elite status matter? Because this means more funding for groundbreaking research.


Hailed the “Florence of the North,” Dresden is brimming with unrivaled beauty and history. The second world war almost erased this city from the earth. Today, it’s embraced by stunning views—a reminder of a glorious charm restored.

Dresden is the ultimate tech hub. If you want to be with top-tier tech companies in the future, here’s the place to be. Apart from tech, students can also study a wide range of programs from business to arts.

Dresden’s best selling points are the culture and the affordable accommodation options. In this city, you’ll find cheaper places compared to Munich and Berlin. But life is as diverse and as friendly as more expensive cities. 


Berlin is a global giant in all walks of life. It boasts vibrant cultural attractions that draw thousands of tourists. It’s also home to various nationalities around the world.

Fun is limitless if you choose a student city in Berlin. You can go museum hopping or take pictures with famous landmarks. You can also take a trip to Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall to unwind.

There are five major public universities in Berlin. You can find a wide range of programs with guaranteed quality and experience. You can also pick any from its over 20 private institutions to pursue your studies.

Can’t pick among the best student cities in Germany? Don’t fret! We have plenty more blogs here at MSM Unify to help you make the right choice. Start with our guide to studying in Munich to learn more about the city. 


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