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Therapeutic Photography Postgraduate Program Launched at RGU

Therapeutic Photography Postgraduate Program Launched at RGU

Therapeutic Photography Postgraduate Program Launched at RGU

A new Therapeutic Photography postgraduate degree has been launched at Robert Gordon University (RGU), providing professionals who want to employ photography in their therapeutic practice with an academic qualification.

Therapeutic Photography is the structured, guided activity of producing photos to examine perceptions, relationships, interpretation of life events, and societal concerns with a clear, defined outcome for the participant.


The online program is designed to help those who work with vulnerable, marginalized, or hesitant persons to engage, increase their well-being, and empower them.

Dr. Neil Gibson, a senior lecturer and Course Leader at RGU’s School of Applied Social Studies, has devoted years of research and his Ph.D. to this therapeutic approach and its application to individuals and communities.

The social worker has also written a book about the topic in which he delves more into the premise of this approach.

Gibson has demonstrated how it can improve self-esteem, resilience, and self-reliance in a wide spectrum of people, including caretakers, those with mental health challenges, children, and offenders, by illustrating some underlying theories and providing case studies.

As part of the preparations for the program, trial programs and provided interventions with a variety of groups in Scotland and around the world have been conducted.

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