Study Tools Essential For Your Finals Week

Study Tools Essential For Your Finals Week.
Finals week is also called hell week by students for a reason. Students are burdened by a pile of work to do during this week such as studying for lots of exams, taking tests, and submitting school requirements.

But hold on, with proper planning and tools, you are sure to make it successful and not stressful. Here are some study tools for your finals week in college:

Study tools

It may seem like a useless tool for some, but for others, Post-It notes, highlighters, and flashcards are lifesavers. These study tools help students to retain information in their brains that easily help them to ace their exam.


The human brain loves colors. When you highlight important information on your notes, your brain easily recalls it for future use. Highlighting is an instrumental tool for its effectiveness. However, you need to learn how to properly highlight even though a lot of things you think should be highlighted. Know that not everything should be highlighted. Here are tips on how not to turn your textbook into a coloring book:

  • Read before highlighting

Before pulling out the cap of your highlighter, make sure to entirely read the text first. Then, color what needs to be highlighted once you understand the text’s full scope.

  • Designate a color-coded system

When you are a Med student, it will be much easier to use blues on the scientific terms, yellow on the definitions, or whatever color you like. Using a color-coded system helps you keep track of where a piece of information is. It also makes you remember details more.

  • Don’t rely solely on the highlighter

Highlighters are there to help you as a support, and not to substitute your note-taking.


Flashcard is a tested lifesaver for many students. This is an age-old tool that is very effective as it boosts information retention through a process called active recall. Here’s how this works: write a question on one side and the answer on the other. As you flash each card, you need to recall the answer to the question or concept. Do this repeatedly to build strong connections in your brain.

A good way to absorb more information is by writing flashcards by hand. Some studies support how handwriting helps in information retention. Lastly, flashcards are also great for building bonds with friends. Study with your friends by flashing cards at each other.

Post-It Notes

Another effective visual tool that has plenty of uses is post-it notes. You can use them as a bookmark for reading, a brainstorming tool, or to keep track of homework. These notes help students stay prepared and on track in everything. What you have to remember is to write enough details so you can remember what it is for later on.

College can be stressful but with these study tools, you are ready to be in the A-game. Discover more about what you will be facing in college by reading our articles here at MSM Unify.


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