Study in Spain: Cheapest Cities for International Students

Activities in Madrid for International Students

The cost of living in Spain is relatively lower than in many countries in Europe, such as the UK, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, and so on. 

Consumer prices, for example, are more than 20% higher in the UK than in Spain, while rent is 41.94% higher in the UK. 

Moreover, despite its relatively lower cost of living, some students may still find studying in Spain, especially in Barcelona and Madrid, very expensive. 

To help students decide on the place they can study at a much lower price, here’s a list of the cheapest cities for international students in Spain. 


Granada may be the cheapest place to live in Spain, in terms of its cost of living, especially rent. 

One of Spain’s universities in Granada is also included in the QS 2022 World University Rankings. Moreover, the city is also known for its cooler but smaller environments, compared to Spain’s two big cities. 

The city also has a strong Islamic influence due to its Muslim past. Now, you can still have a glimpse of it through the city’s old buildings and neighborhoods. For food lovers, the city is known for its tapas, which many restaurants offer for free. 

The cost of rent in Granada for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center is only EUR375, while in Barcelona, it can cost you more than 700 euros. 

The cost of utilities, on the other hand, is around 22% lower in Granada, compared to Madrid. Moreover, food is inexpensive‚ÄĒrestaurants can only cost you EUR 9.00 in Granada, but EUR 12 in Madrid.


Seville is also another famous city in Spain, and just like Granada, is known for being budget-friendly to its visitors (both short-term and long-term). 

The city’s flagship university, the University of Seville, known as one of the oldest in Spain, is also a top university, per the QS 2022 World University rankings. The university has been around since the 16th century. The city is also rich in culture and history, which students can explore more during their stay in this city. 

The rent price in Seville is 43.24% lower compared to Barcelona. The price of consumer goods, on the other hand, is 17.55% lower in Seville. 

When it comes to utilities, you can expect to pay around EUR120.69 in Seville, which is 22% lower than in Barcelona.


If you want to live near the sea and at the same time, live in a cheap city, then Alicante may be the best city in Spain for you. The place has a lot of public beaches where people can swim, sail, sunbathe, and so on. 

The city is also known for its warm atmosphere and beautiful sceneries, numerous parks, and historical places. The city’s flagship university, the University of Alicante is also included in the 2022 QS World University Rankings.

A one-bedroom space in Alicante, outside the city center, can cost around EUR 475, which is lower than Barcelona’s, which is around EUR 716.79. 

Utilities, on the other hand, are 41% lower in Alicante than in Barcelona.

Now that you know some of the cheapest cities for international students in Spain, the next step is choosing a study program and deciding which of the cities you want to go to. 

Learn more about Spain as a study destination by checking our articles at MSM Unify.


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