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Students’ Guide to Affordable Places in Cork, Ireland

Students’ Guide to Affordable Places in Cork, Ireland

Students' Guide to Affordable Places in Cork, Ireland

When people think about Ireland, the first thing that comes to mind is its capital city of Dublin. However, the rest of the country—the beautiful provinces and cities—have a lot more to offer. One of these is the beautiful city of Cork, found in the province of Munster. 

Like other cities in Ireland, Cork is unique in its own way. In fact, the city is known as the “Rebel County” due to its history of resisting Viking invasions.

For students to truly enjoy this unique city, here’s a short guide to some of the affordable places in Cork that students can visit. 

Visit the Blackrock Castle Observatory for Stargazing 

If you are into astronomy or just a hobbyist, then you can visit the Blackrock Castle at night for stargazing. The castle is Cork city’s oldest surviving structure that is still being used. Originally, the castle was used as an Admiralty Court and as a lighthouse. 

Currently, the castle serves as an observatory and has its own Castle Cafe. The Cafe does not charge any entrance fee, however, the entrance fee for the Blackrock Castle Observatory itself is €6.50 for adults or €5.50 if you are planning to go there in a group of 10 people. 

The castle also organizes stargazing events and workshops regularly, so it would be good to check its official website once in a while to catch those events. 

Self-Guided Tour through Ardú Contemporary Street Art 

If you are into arts, especially street arts, and want to know more about them, then you can visit the Ardú Street Art in the city centre of Cork for free. The street art exhibit showcases the work of famous Irish street artists. Aside from that, visitors can take a tour and visit each artwork on their own, and go through a self-guided tour. In fact, the official website of the project provides audio that visitors can listen to, and a map they can follow while visiting Ardú street art’s seven murals. 

The Ardú Street Project was born in 2020, as an answer to the many lockdowns placed in various cities in the world and has also affected the city of Cork. The project aims to lift up the community’s creative spirit during these times. 

Stroll or Have a Picnic at Fitzgerald Park 

Fitzgerald Park is just a short walk from the University College Cork (UCC), and the river on Daly’s Bridge. The park, which is named after Edward Fitzgerald, a former mayor of Cork, offers a place people can retreat to amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Depending on your interests or needs, you can just take a quiet stroll or exercise in the park, or you can go there with friends and have a picnic with them. 

Moreover, in case you want to know more about the city of Cork, you can also visit the Cork Public Museum. The Museum, which is also located inside the park, can be accessed for free. 

Aside from the list above, there are more affordable places in Cork that students can visit and explore once they are already settled in the city. 

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