Students Call for Increased Work Hours Amid Canada’s Inflation

MSM Unify Students Call for Increased Work Hours Amid Canadas Inflation

Amid the rising inflation Canada is experiencing at present, the Canadian Federation of Students is calling for an increase in the number of work hours granted to international students in the country.

At present, international students are granted a maximum of 20 hours per week of work outside of school. The student group is seeking an increase as most if not all international students are having difficulty paying their bills due to rising living costs.

These costs include electricity, food, clothing, and tuition fees, just to name a few. The rising costs have resulted in many students cutting back on things like heating or winter clothing just so they can pay for tuition and food. 

It has been found that international students pay as much as CA$33,623 in average tuition fees. This is five times higher than local residents. Apart from this, these international students need to think about things like rent, food, and other basic necessities. 

It’s a toss between staying warm during the winter, going homeless, or going hungry. And yes, there are books and other school supplies that are likewise considered necessities. 

With increased work hours, the student group says, international students would hopefully be able to cope with the rising cost of living in the country. This would also help eliminate practices such as international students working illegal extra jobs just to make ends meet. 

Not only will the illegal practices be put to rest, they say, but it will likewise lessen the chances of these students being exploited by employers who take advantage of these desperate individuals. 

No less than Sean Fraser, Canadian minister for immigration, refugees, and citizenship commented on the vital role international students play in the Canadian economy. In 2018, for instance, international students contributed $22.3 billion, helping boost economic growth. For this reason alone, they should not be disregarded, many agree. 

While international students in Canada struggle to make ends meet, the UK is in danger of facing the same fate due to its rising inflation numbers. The advantage it has, however, is that its job market is a bit more stable and international students can tap into this.

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