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Student Life in Ireland: What Int’l Students Should Know

Student Life in Ireland What Intl Students Should Know 1

Ireland is known around the world for its academic success, welcoming people, and renowned academic institutions. It provides high-quality academic opportunities in different fields at low rates. That’s why Ireland is home to over 18,500 international students.

If you are planning to study in Ireland and are curious about how your student life will be, then read through this article to learn more.


As soon as you’ve finished settling in, start planning your monthly costs by creating a budget. Essentially, having a plan for your budget is important because most of the cost of your study in Ireland will go to your living expenses.


You can take public transportations (buses, trains, etc.) or a cab for your everyday trip. Given that Ireland is a tiny island, ferries connecting cities and towns are readily accessible. The country’s railway networks are also well-developed to help you if you have a long daily commute. You can also rent a car or a bicycle every month and do your commuting.


You can choose the location as well as the type of accommodation you prefer based on your budget. Hostels, university halls, and foreign student halls are the most common types of on-campus accommodation, with prices ranging from EUR 600 to EUR 900.

Additionally, apartments for rent are available in every nook and cranny of Irish cities, with prices ranging from EUR 800 to EUR 1,200. You can share this choice with your friends if you want to make it more affordable. Aside from that, you can spend EUR 350 to EUR 500 to stay with families who have registered to participate in student exchange programs. You can visit each of their city’s websites to find more accommodation.


The more you interact with other students, the easier it will be to overcome the cultural shock. You should make every effort to attend all of your important university events, particularly those scheduled during the first week. Interacting with new individuals is most likely ideal during academic activities and social gatherings because they normally host clubs and social groups.


You can take part in the fun festivities of various cultural events in Ireland, such as the Barn Dance Festival, Vanvastival, Galway International Arts Festival, and others. Additionally, the country has a variety of rock-music concerts throughout the year, which are a must-see for every student.


One of the most difficult aspects of studying abroad is adjusting to the local culinary tastes. But don’t worry, food joints providing ordinary street food are still common. If you want, you can still visit Irish restaurants to experience the authentic side of their cuisine.


Ireland is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful countries on the European continent. Over the weekends, you can go on short journeys to see what Ireland has to offer. The Cliffs of Moher, Kilmainham Gaol, The Ring of Kerry, The Little Museum of Dublin, and many other places can be visited.

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