Quick Facts About Switzerland

Quick Facts About Switzerland

How high up is Switzerland in your study destination list? If it isnā€™t in your top choices, weā€™ve listed a few facts about this beautiful country to bump it up on your lineup.

Here are some interesting things about Switzerland:

1. 21 Nobel Laureates Studied at ETH Zurich

Did you know that Albert Einstein went to ETH Zurich? He and 20 other recipients of the Nobel Prize attended the university. No doubt it’s the most prestigious school in Switzerland.Ā 

2. Switzerland Has Four Official Languages

Depending on which canton you are in, the locals speak French, Romansh, Italian, or German. Make sure to learn a couple of phrases before arriving in Switzerland.

3. A Country of Science and Math Geniuses

Swiss students have some of the highest test scores in Science and Math. This is according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development or OECD.

4. Lower Tuition in Universities

The Swiss government subsidizes tuition fees in most universities. This makes tuition fees relatively low in the country.

5. There are 7,000 Lakes in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to captivating bodies of water including beautiful lakes. Its largest lake, Lake Geneva, is renowned in the world for its striking beauty.

6. Swiss Universities Rank in World Rankings

More than a dozen Swiss universities have maintained their spots in the top 500 universities in the world. The highest is ETH Zurich as the top 13.

7. Health Insurance is Mandatory

Everyone who wants to reside in Switzerland for more than three months must get health insurance. Yes, including foreign students!

8. Most Postgraduate Programs are Taught in English

It will be difficult to find a bachelor’s program in English. But most master-level programs are taught in English and German.

9. Switzerland Offers High Salaries

Among all OECD countries, Switzerland ranks third with the highest salaries. It even surpassed economic giants such as the United States.

10. The Most Expensive Meat is in Switzerland

You may want to go on a meat diet while you’re in Switzerland. To give you an idea, Swiss meat is 124% more expensive than other meats in Europe.

11. Switzerland is an Environment-Friendly Country

Switzerland is currently undergoing an energy transition to eliminate nuclear power. It’s also a world leader in waste management and recycling.Ā 

12. Sundays are Rest Days

During Sundays, the Swiss are locked inside their homes to relax and rest. You will rarely see anyone outside during Sundays.

13. Living Costs are High

Switzerland has high costs of living, making it one of the worldā€™s most expensive places to live in. But the high quality of life will surely make up for it.

14. Switzerland Has The Most Livable Cities

Zurich and Geneva are two of the most livable cities in the world. This was based on five categories: Infrastructure, Education, Stability, Culture, and Healthcare.

Switzerland is a promising country to study and live in. If you want to learn more fun facts about Switzerland, browse through our stories here at MSM Unify.


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