Popular Part-Time Jobs for International Students

Popular Part-Time Jobs for International Students

Popular Part-Time Jobs for International Students


Studying abroad is one of the best endeavors for any student due to the following reasons: 

  • Exposure to another culture
  • New language
  • New environment 
  • New experiences 
  • Better career prospects

Some students get to study and stay in another country for more than three months to even years. 

For those staying abroad for a long time, saving money is a priority. It helps them pay for food, accommodation, tuition fees, and utility fees. Fortunately many countries that host international students also offer them the opportunity to work part time. For many students, this is another exciting opportunity; they gain work experience, they learn valuable life skills, they meet new people, they earn money to pay for their living expenses and they have fun. 

Different countries have different policies when it comes to part time jobs for students. However, for international students who need to balance study and work, there are various popular jobs they can apply to.

Teaching a Language

One of the most popular part time work international students take on is tutoring, specifically a language. Popular among non-English speaking countries is tutoring English, which native English speakers can do. However, for English-speaking countries, students who know another language are also popular.

This can be a formal or informal part time job. For companies that hire a language teacher, they usually employ native speakers. However, take in mind that some companies that offer teaching English may require some certification such as a TEFL. Some students get their own clients directly instead of applying to a company. This is fine as long as it is not against their host country’s policy.

On-Campus Work 

Working at their own university is another popular option for international students. Especially for countries that have limited working options for their international students. For example, the US only allows its international students to work on-campus or during internships, depending on their visa type.

Higher education institutions offer various jobs for students who want to work on-campus, this includes administrative work in an office, teaching assistance, writing, cafeteria work, library attendant, research assistant, international department or office assistant, tutoring, translation work, campus tour guide, and so on. Take in mind that getting a job on-campus can be quite competitive.

Working in Restaurant, Bars, or Coffee Shops

Another popular choice for students working in another country is jobs in restaurants, bars, or coffee shops. These are ideal jobs for students because they usually offer shifting schedules. In addition, they are not as competitive as when students apply for a campus job. Moreover, students get to interact with many people, especially the locals, which can help them adjust easier with the culture and the language. 

Restaurant, bar, and coffee shop job roles usually don’t require students’ a lot of requirements or experience, so many students have the opportunity to get into one. Some job roles include waiting tables, working in the kitchen, serving drinks, barista, and so on. 

Online Jobs

The most convenient part time students can take on while studying is online jobs because they can do it anywhere with a laptop and Wi-Fi connection. Online jobs may include translation work, teaching, writing jobs, transcriptions, and so on. However, students should check first their host country’s or their institution’s policies regarding this, to avoid difficulties. 

Part time jobs are a good way for students to learn more about another country’s culture and people. To learn more, check out our other articles here at MSM Unify on working abroad for international students. 


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