NZ: International Students Assured of 5,000 Study Spaces in 2022

MSM Unify NZ International Students Assured of 5000 Study Spaces in 2022

New Zealand is one of the study destinations in the world with the strictest COVID-19 lockdown in place as of March 2020. International students could not enter the country during the pandemic and most deferred their studies until border restrictions were relaxed. In early February 2022, the government has announced that some international students can return to New Zealand before October 2022, when the wider student visa processing commences. A total of 5,000 study spaces have been approved by the New Zealand government to allow international students to resume their studies in April.

Key Takeaways:

  • New Zealand is providing 5000 study spaces for incoming international students
  • International students may resume studies in April
  • Fair allocation of study spaces distributed across NZ institutions

Allocation of students:

Universities – 1,450 student places

Te Pūkenga – 700 student places

Schools (Year 9 and above) – 1,000 student places

PTE (including pilot training) – 850 student places

English Language Schools – 1,000 student places

Source: Ministry of Education

This allocation made by the government allows fair distribution of international students across the different institutions in New Zealand. Students outside the 5,000 study space allocation will commence their studies by 2023. According to education providers, international students must be given utmost priority to re-enter the country, especially those who have already registered in New Zealand institutions.

International students boost NZ’s economy and culture

During the pre-pandemic year 2019, international students in New Zealand generate $1.25B annually to the economy. There were approximately 100,000 international students enrolled at higher education institutions before the COVID-19 pandemic started. Aside from the financial aspect, international students bring in unique cultures and values that promote diversity. This, in turn, also helps the domestic students learn and adapt to diverse individuals coming from different countries worldwide. 

Though COVID-19 may have made a huge impact in all aspects of international education in New Zealand, the announcement last March 16 on opening the borders again to visitors serves as a start to rise again amidst the pandemic. Fully vaccinated travelers from more than 60 countries worldwide will be able to set foot again in New Zealand starting May 2.

As for the international students, Cohort 4 (New Zealand’s New Border Class Exception) is part of a five-step plan to reopen Aotearoa New Zealand’s borders. In this new classification, students will be given special permission to start their academic programs from mid-2022.

Expected Timeline:

Mid-March 2022 – decisions begin to be communicated to individual education providers about the number of places they have been allocated

Mid-late March 2022 – education providers begin nominating students 

13 April 2022 – the request for travel process opens for nominated cohort 4 students

From mid-2022 – students are in New Zealand ready to begin their study.

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