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Must-Try Food While Studying in New Zealand

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The New Zealand cuisine boasts unique flavors and fresh ingredients grown on its own land. Moreover, its people, the Kiwis, are sweet tooths, so you can expect plenty of sweet treats.

So if you’re studying in New Zealand, find these food items and beverages that will complete your experience. Take note of these must-try New Zealand culinary wonders we’ve listed below:


Indeed, you can never go wrong with a sweet treat. Pavlova is a much-loved New Zealand dessert made of meringue, whipped cream, and fruits on top such as kiwi and strawberry.

Usually, when there is a special occasion, pavlova is on the table. But if you are craving this, you can easily find one in the dessert menus of New Zealand restaurants.

Meat Pie

Meat in a pie? It may not be for everyone. But for kiwis, this food combination works. They even have this as a snack.

Kiwi meat pies are hand-sized pies filled with minced meat, gravy, and tomato sauce, and sometimes with cheese, mushrooms, or onion. While the classic meat pie is typically composed of meat, other versions may include lamb or chicken. Meat pies are so popular in New Zealand and Australia that they still debate on where this pie originated.

Māori Hāngi

If you want a one-of-a-kind Kiwi experience, go for a Māori hāngi. It is a culinary technique in which food is cooked in an underground hole lined with hot rocks, wire baskets, or aluminum foil. Some examples of food cooked by this method are chicken, fish, and other vegetables. It is a laborious cooking method where meat and smoke-induced flavors make the food much tastier. Hāngi is a community experience, a perfect opportunity to get to know the locals.


Crayfish, better known as lobster, is a Kiwi favorite. It is a traditional food in New Zealand. However, it may not be your go-to if you are spending money. It may cost around NZ$80. But if you have some extra money, it is certainly worth a try. Then, you’ll know why Kiwis go cray-cray for crayfish.

Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand’s Marlborough region takes pride in its wine called sauvignon blanc. This region has the perfect climate to produce white grapes perfect for wine. This is why a lot of wine connoisseurs take the time to travel all the way to Marlborough to experience this exceptional wine, from winemaking to drinking.

Moreover, this wine perfectly complements New Zealand cheeses such as blue cheese, soft cheeses, and other vintage cheeses.

Once you go to New Zealand to study, opportunities for food and fun will follow. Make the most out of this experience by understanding the country’s food, people, and culture.

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