Must-Try American Food for International Students

Must Try American Food for International Students 1


Kickstarting the list is the world-famous American signature, hamburgers. It is so popular in all age groups that it is considered the unofficial national food of the US. When you study in the US, make sure to try burgers for your lunch, snack, or dinner. This beautifully stacked meat patty in between buns with vegetables like tomato, onion, greens, pickles, and sauces such as cheese, chili, and mustard has become an American menu must-have.

Apple Pie

Apple pie is also an American icon, which is why there is the saying, “as American as apple pie.” You can never go wrong with a simple buttery pastry filled with tart sliced apples and sticky, sugary syrup with cinnamon. This sweet and full snack goes well in between study breaks.


Who knew roasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers would be a fantastic treat? If you are invited to a camp, you wouldn’t want to miss the fun of having s’mores at night. Put marshmallows on a stick while browning it through a campfire then squish it between chocolate and two graham crackers.

Clam Chowder

They say it is illegal to visit Boston without eating its famous clam chowder. Although it may look hideous and lumpy, what matters is its taste. Mixed with quahog shellfish, potatoes, salted pork, herbs, and heavy cream, this soup will become an easy favorite.


Spam may be the most American canned meat. This canned good is basically precooked, pinkish, savory pork. It is affordable and is ready to eat. Stock some spam on your storage as this is perfect for breakfast and snacks.

Corn Dog

Think of a hotdog placed in the center of corn, that is a corn dog. This American favorite snack is a hotdog skewered with a stick then dipped in cornmeal batter. Corn dogs are fair and festival go-to’s as they are very handy and easy to eat. Eat it in whatever way you want, you can add ketchup or mustard.

Chicken and Waffles

It may sound like a bizarre combination but something savory and sweet always tastes delicious. Also, their textures, soft and crispy, complement each other. Fluffy waffles topped with fried chicken? Plus maple syrup and gravy? This meal is surely a breakfast must-have.

Mac & Cheese

Another American staple is the Mac & Cheese that is basically a bowl of noodles with creamy cheese. It may be considered a traditional American food as its origin traces back to its earliest known recipe in 1769.

The US has a lot of wonderful offerings to its international students. Learn more about it by browsing our articles here at MSM Unify.


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