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Must-Have Skills of IT Graduates

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Information Technology is a perpetually evolving field. And IT graduates must have the skills to keep up with innovations.

As a field, IT paved the way for many tech giants we know today. With the growing competition in the job market, it takes more than intelligence to land a job in tech. The stakes even double with global leaders in tech such as Apple and Microsoft.

To land a high-paying IT job today, an IT graduate must have certain skills. If you’ll soon earn an IT degree, gain these additional skills so you can chase your dreams like a boss:

Learn More Than One Programming Language

Like in real life, it pays to be multilingual in the digital realm too. Coding is a fundamental skill among IT graduates. To take it a step further, learn more than one programming language.

Some of the most popular programming languages are C++, CSS, Java, and HTML. The more unique the language is, the more attractive your skills are to employers.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of your skills for quantity. You still get an edge if you only know a few languages but have mastery of each of them.

In-Depth Knowledge of Systems Architecture

Simply put, systems architecture refers to the structure of the system. It’s the organization of a system, particularly in software and the design that makes it work.

Understanding systems architecture is essential among IT graduates. Those who work in front-end and back-end technologies often possess this skill.

If you want to be a “full-stack developer,” you must be comfortable in the systems architecture of software and hardware. You can take extra courses so you can master full-stack technologies.¬†

Data Analysis Skills

The field of IT involves capturing data and interpreting data for specific use. Everything these days requires data analytics skills and IT graduates are not exempted.

If you want to become an attractive candidate, data analytics skills are a plus. You can start learning Google Analytics or Tableau to build your toolkit.

Technical Writing Skills

An IT job isn’t all about the practical application of technical knowledge. Imagine applying to a company, where basically every candidate is qualified. If you want the employer’s attention, you must have technical writing skills.

Technical writing is a craft where you translate complex, technical information into comprehensible pieces. It often involves explaining jargon and tech processes.

Project Management Skills

IT work often involves collaborative tasks between teams. It is unlikely that you’ll end up working alone in a tech firm.

Project management skills are essential to delivering projects on time. Apart from technical knowledge, you must also have managerial skills.

This skill gives you an edge over the competition. Start harnessing this skill early on in your study years.

Pursuing an IT degree? Make sure that you have all the essential skills to land the job you want. Find more content like this for international IT graduates here at MSM Unify.


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