MSM Unify: Connecting Institutions and Agents Through Smart Tech | MSM Unify

MSM Unify: Connecting Institutions and Agents Through Smart Tech

MSM Unify Connecting Institutions and Agents Through Smart Tech

M Square Media launches a new portal for Institutions and Agents that further advances its service capabilities. On September 24th and 25th, MSM officially launched the Institution Portal of MSM Unify—an AI-powered platform specially created for higher education institutions in a bid to streamline the application process and make recruitment easier, faster, and simpler.

The COVID-19 pandemic has truly left many unprepared for its effects, the extent of which is felt across borders and industries—the education sector included. With the barriers in mobility and safety concerns, many students and their families might be putting a hold on  higher education, which can cause colleges and universities to rethink their strategies and recalibrate their systems in order to survive the transition into what we now call the “new normal.”

Already dealing with the ongoing demands of a fast-changing market, higher education institutions (HEIs) are looking for ways to better manage enrollment numbers and be able to continuously recruit students into their programs amid distance challenges and health and safety protocols.

“With MSM Unify, we are offering a solution to current and future challenges through an AI-powered platform that increases enrollment management practises and efficiencies,” said Suneetha Quereshi, President of MSM Global. 

“We want agents and institutions to ‘speak’ with each other in real time, and get the best possible results out of every interaction.”

The Lowdown: MSM UNIFY Institution Portal

At the launch, MSM introduced the new platform’s key features and functions, as well as explained the inspiration and development highlights behind it. With the goal to make recruitment processes more efficient, diversify student base, and create greater visibility for institutions, MSM Unify offers: a powerful, secure, all-in-one recruitment platform; streamlined application process; access to an expansive agent network; and Application Interface Program matching for qualified candidates.

Donna Hooker, president of MSM’s education management segment MSM Higher Ed, states that MSM Unify is an extension of MSM’s long-standing commitment to providing cost effective and results-oriented business solutions to institutions and creating international study opportunities for students across the globe.


“MSM Unify marks our foray in the edtech space,” said Hooker. “This platform utilizes technology to increase efficiency, improve service standards and build data integrity for quality decision making.” 

MSM Unify allows institutions to gain access to a diverse pool of international students through a highly secure platform built on MSM’s business intelligence and education administration experience. Furthermore, the platform is built for customization to meet the needs of its users and will continue to integrate and improve in the days to come as it aims to work closely with its stakeholders.

Usage and Functionality

MSM’s Chief Technology Officer Dan Feagan taught a portal demo at the launch, and showed how  institutions can use MSM Unify to make their recruitment, marketing and application management processes more efficient.

On the portal, institutions will be able to import, export, and manage their programs, application intakes, and connect with education agents in real time. The interface is clean and well marked, with each function clearly labeled and categorized.

One of the best parts about the portal demo is seeing how institutions would be able to easily update their programs, upload marketing collaterals, and oversee recruitment progress through an all-in-one dashboard that summarizes marketing and application activity, depending on the timeframe and region users set. Institutions will also be able to authorize several representatives on their account and be able to customize their access.


“It’s a connected world we are all facing,” Feagan said as he summed up the idea behind MSM-Unify. “It’s a world where institutions, agents, and students find each other easily, no matter their city or country.”

With its innovative features and well-thought out execution, MSM Unify is surely a platform worth exploring for institutions looking to streamline their processes and reach a more diverse pool of students through verified and qualified agents. Apart from all these amazing features, this is only the beginning of the many services and innovations from MSM.


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