Move-In Day Tips for College Students

Move In Day Tips for College Students
It’s back to school again and students from all over the country are moving into their chosen schools. It is the most exciting and stressful part of college. But instead of taking it as an arduous task, it can be an easy task. From fixing furniture, decorating room stuff, to introducing yourself to roommates, here are ways to make your move-in much easier:
  1. Be realistic

The first step is to be realistic. Do not bring things that you will not probably use in the long run. If you are a big fan of shoes, limit what you will bring. This can cause a lot of space in your dorm and you will soon yet realize that you will not use everything. When unpacking, you will realize that some things shouldn’t be brought. The best thing to do is to send these home. Dorms are not as big as you think so it is best to only bring those that are essential for your dorm living.

  1. Use space-efficient storage

Most students put their belongings into boxes not knowing that it can be tough to transport. Learn effective ways to use your space in moving in. Put small objects in your trash bin and store extra clothes in your laundry hamper. Some containers can be used for other items. Invest in space-saving solutions that allow you to use storage space under the bed or behind the door.

  1. Rearrange your room

Arrange your room if you feel like there is a lot of space when rearranged. Take advantage of all the limited space given to you to move furniture around. Loft your bed to have extra storage space under your bed. Find ways how you can make your room as spacious as possible. However, you may still need to check the dorm rules before moving furniture.

  1. Organize as you unpack

When unpacking and taking things out of your boxes and bags, put them where they should be. This is easier for things that have pre-determined spots such as clothes in the closet and shoes in the shoe rack. But know how to do this with everything. This way, you can avoid piling up items on your desk while figuring out which drawer has your underwear or bathroom necessities, or whatnot. Organizing things saves a lot of time in putting everything up.

  1. Share supplies

When you bring extra dish soap or extra containers for storage, consider sharing it with your roommate. As this takes up unnecessary space, it is just reasonable to share such things with somebody. This will allow you to set a good impression and strong foundation between you and your roommate.

  1. Wait to buy stuff

We get it, it is tempting to buy stuff for your dorm room before arriving on campus. But hold on, you may have to wait sometime due to some reasons. If you want to buy a rug that may be costly and everyone will use, it may be better to wait for the time to buy it with your roommate so you can split up the cost. If it’s something that you do not need right away, reassess if you need it at all. There is a chance that you won’t use it or your roommate already brought one.

College is the time for you to learn things all by yourself. Learn a thing or a couple more by reading our articles.


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