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Leisure Activities for Students in Russia

Leisure Activities for Students in Russia

Leisure Activities for Students in Russia

Russia is a big country and is made up of more than 80 Federal Subjects, which can be divided into Republics, Provinces, and Territories. Thus, expect different types of culture, environment, and practices when you visit the country and its many territories.

For example, Russia’s big cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg are more European than its other territories such as Sochi, which has a lot of Asian influences. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common leisure activities for students while they are staying in Russia. 

Attend Festivals During Special Occasions

Due to Russia’s size and many territories, expect thousands of festivals to be celebrated every year. Although there are some festivals and celebrations that are common to all of Russia, such as New Year, Christmas, Victory Day, Russia Day, and so on, there are also festivals that are specific to some regions or cities. 

Some of those unique festivals to each location include the following: 

  • The Magic Ice of Siberia, an international competition at Krasnoyarsk 
  • The Reindeers Herders Festival, an ancient festival of the Indigenous People of Yamal

Moreover, aside from the traditional and cultural festivals in Russia, some festivals include watching movies, going to the theatres, concerts, and so on. Some of those festivals include the following: 

  • White Nights Festival at St. Petersburg 
  • Moscow International Film Festival 

Join Clubs and Societies

Joining clubs and societies is a good way to enjoy your own interests, and meet people who have the same interests as you. 

Most of Russia’s Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) have their own clubs and societies organized by the school or the students themselves. Clubs and societies in Russia usually include every type of interest and hobby there is, from games for the game such as chess and backgammon, to sports clubs, and even more unique hobbies, such as paragliding. 

Do Sports 

Once you enroll in any of Russia’s universities, you will automatically gain free access to its sports facilities and equipment. The facilities in universities usually include stadiums, sports complexes, swimming pools, fitness halls, and so on. You can also join specific sports clubs that suit your taste. Some of the famous sports in Russia include football, hockey, biathlon, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and so on. Moreover, universities also host their own tournaments and competitions, so if you are competitive, you can also join those. 

Do Outdoor Activities All Year-Round

Outdoor recreation in Russia can be done all year round. On a nice day, you can go on picnics or day walks with friends in the many parks and gardens of Russia. Other outdoor activities that are popular with students include roller skating, skateboarding, cycling, and so on. During winter, you can visit skating rinks to skate or go skiing. Aside from these two activities, fishing is also a favorite pastime for many Russias, which they can do in both summer and other seasons. 

When you visit Russia and its many regions and territories, expect various leisure activities for students aside from the ones discussed above. 

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