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How To Be a Great Roommate While Studying Abroad

How To Be a Great Roommate While Studying Abroad

How To Be a Great Roommate While Studying Abroad

Finding a roommate is like finding a version of yourself in another person. Your lifestyles must match, needs must be similar, and living preferences must be the same.

Being picky with your roommate is reasonable. But do you practice your standards within yourself?

International students are often busy looking for a great roommate but fail to become one. If you seek a harmonious dynamic in your place, you must start with yourself.

Be the roommate that everyone wants with these tips:  

Respect Your Roommate’s Time and Privacy

There’s always a boundary you shouldn’t cross, even if you’re friends with your roommate. You can share each other’s spaces and personal items but only with permission.

For shared areas like the bathroom, don’t take too much time, especially during rush hours. Your roommate has to use it too, so be courteous with time.

Do Your Part in Basic Chores

Expect to do basic chores such as cleaning and taking the trash out. Fortunately, with a roommate as a helping hand, you won’t have to do these chores alone.

Create a chore schedule that fits both of your schedules. Task division must be equal to ensure fairness between you and your roommate.

Give Your Share of the Rent on Time

Don’t wait until your roommate has to remind you of your rent duties. You must already know this and give your share on or before the due date.

If you fail to give your share on time, you risk paying a late payment fee. This can be an inconvenience to your roommate and is downright annoying too.

Volunteer To Take On Simple Tasks

You have your own set of chores to do, but you can volunteer to do more if it isn’t too much trouble. Something as simple as washing a single dish or unclogging the shower will do.

If the toilet paper roll is empty, replace it. If some appliances are on, turn them off. No need to nag your roommate for such simple tasks. But do call them out if they’re negligent with their duties.

Refrain From Disturbing the Peace in Your Place

Studying abroad can be exhausting, and sometimes, a little peace and quiet is all the rest you can get. If your roommate is relaxing (or taking a power nap), refrain from making loud noises. You wouldn’t like disturbances too if you’re resting.

Guarding Each Other’s Belongings

If either of you and your roommate would be out, the other person can stay to guard the place. You can also look after each other’s items to prevent them from going missing or breaking. 

Sharing Meals and Grocery Items

Apart from the monthly rent, you can also split the costs of your groceries. And if you’re cooking a meal, you can add more so the dish can give two servings. Sharing a meal is not only practical, but it can also be an opportunity to bond.

Roommate relationships can be a struggle to maintain not unless you make a conscious effort to be better. See more content like this here at MSM Unify and find more tips to help you adjust to life abroad.


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