How Can MSM Unify Revolutionize HEI Student Recruitment Efforts?

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Almost every marketing initiative launched by organizations nowadays employs modern technological solutions, such as online tools, to reach more people and deliver its purpose effectively. While companies rely largely on technology to grow their business, similar approaches can be used to reach more students living on foreign shores.

The primary goal of MSM Unify is to make the most of available digital tools to develop an online platform that will upgrade the student recruitment experience for both Institutions and agents – which optimistically will contribute to the future of International Education.

Developing a good relationship between agents and institutions is vital for successful student recruitment and retention. 

MSM Unify’s Helpful Features

With this AI-powered virtual ecosystem, partner institutions can instantly monitor the progress of student applications and connect with agents working on-ground. Time-consuming student screening and application forms review will no longer be an issue. Plus, the system works to match the most qualified students to educational programs based on their skill sets and interests. Data analytics will also be readily available to users to allow them to assess whether the implemented marketing strategies by the MSM network are truly working towards their objectives.

Schools need not worry about orienting agents of their program offering because the platform readily provides the agents with collated information while the smart search function automatically ‚Äúpairs‚ÄĚ them with the right candidates. Basically, the agents will find the students and the MSM Unify platform will do the rest of the work.

Venturing on Tech-enabled Recruitment

Surely, in-person recruitment works but it takes lots of resources and results are not instantaneously acquired in this method. When agents are paired with the right technology, tapping new student markets will substantially be less difficult.

Since institutions already have agents located in their target market, all they have to do is access information about the school in MSM Unify and they can instantly offer the school’s programs to students in their locale. No time is wasted on communicating as the data is already available in the portal. The time it takes for agents to gather HEI program information, which is long and often delays the recruitment process, will be substantially shortened with MSM Unify.

Future in MSM Unify

Apart from the benefits currently offered by the platform, the future will be promising for MSM Unify Partners as this initiative which revolutionizes student recruitment efforts through technology is just a start. The online ecosystem we’re in will continue to integrate more helpful tools to maximize the connection among Agents and HEIs and make recruitment faster and more efficient than ever.

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