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Have a Communications Degree? Here are Some Career Options for You

Have a Communications Degree? Here are Some Career Options for You

Have a Communications Degree? Here are Some Career Options for You

Communication is the exchange of ideas that rest on mutual meanings and connection. Effective communication is paramount in casual conversations, public speaking, and establishing trust.

Communication majors can find themselves in a very secure place after earning their degree. They can work in any industry and assume various job roles related to communications.

Communication studies encompass many fields including marketing, customer service, and corporate branding. Having strong communication skills would make you a valuable asset in any company.

Here are some careers that await you after earning your communications degree:


It’s typical for communication graduates to chase their dream careers in media. As an industry built on conveying persuasive messages, they are in constant need of graduates with compelling communication skills.

Communications graduates can find occupations in journalism, film or television production, and magazines. Jobs in media are plenty and could range from entertainment to news.

To successfully land a career in media, you must possess the ability to effectively disseminate collected information. Relevant work experience including internships is also a plus when applying.

Human Resource

The human resource department facilitates activities that improve employee relationships. One of these activities includes being an effective motivator for the entire workforce.

Apart from upholding work ethics, human resource managers must also relay the right information to the right team or person. This takes place in various ways such as meetings, training, or through a corporate memorandum.

Being a good communicator is essential when managing teams and workers. Communication is vital in fostering work relationships and explaining company guidelines and policies. 


Did you know that you could also become an educator as a communications graduate? Excellent pedagogical practices are built on successful communication between the learner and instructor.

While education may not be exactly aligned with a communications degree, it’s a field worth venturing into. You’ll have the opportunity to shape the educational experience of different students and impact their lives.

Most teaching positions require teaching qualifications from applicants. You need to obtain these qualifications from a university for about a year or longer. 

Other Jobs Role You Can Take With a Communications Degree

There are plenty of work opportunities for a communications graduate. Here are more career options for you to consider:

  • Public Relations Specialist – Organize conferences and write press releases for an organization. 
  • Media Planner – Spearheads analysis of consumer behavior to launch advertising plans across multiple media platforms.
  • Development Officer – Work within a college alumni network to identify prospective sponsors or donors.
  • Business Reporter – Combines business acuity and journalistic skills to deliver up-to-date business news. 
  • Event Planner – Organizes and promotes an event. 
  • Sales Representative – Pitch products and services to a target market to increase sales. 
  • Social Media Manager – Manages various social media channels to launch advertising and promotional materials. 

Having a communications degree can unlock many career opportunities in various fields and job roles. Here at MSM Unify, we offer articles to help you land your dream job after graduation. Be sure to check them out!


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