Good Reasons Why You Should Study Linguistics

Good Reasons Why You Should Study Linguistics
The study of language, linguistics, best put, is the discipline of how language works, gathered, and used to communicate. Linguists sure know about a lot of languages but they focus more on how it works. A polyglot, on the other hand, is a person that speaks a variety of languages. If linguistics does not necessarily teach you to speak a ton of languages, why should you study it?

As every language has diverse characteristics, it needs to be studied such as conceptualizations and construction of words and sentences to deliver ideas effectively. When we learn the structures of different languages, we also understand the world that we are living in. With this, linguistics help in improving communication, assisting literacy functions, contributing translation works, and even treating speech disorders.

Here are a few reasons why you should study linguistics:

Linguistics has a lot of variety

Linguistics is very diverse, so you won’t encounter two syllabuses that are the same. From morphology, phonetics, phonology, to sociolinguistics, this program ensures you obtain different skill sets that will be useful for future careers. If you enroll in linguistics, you’ll learn that syntax in language can be applied using a mathematical and scientific approach, while semantics requires a philosophical mindset.

You can study abroad

A lot of linguistic courses enable you to study in a different country, which will help you immerse yourself in the country’s language first hand. Studying linguistics may be best for you if you love to travel to unfamiliar places and meet different locals speaking in their language. And these languages have a varied grammatical structure as compared to English. For example, some types of speech can appear in different orders. With this, your knowledge of the language will further develop as you do not only learn them at school but on the ground as well.

Endless career opportunities

Linguistics will land you into different career opportunities once you graduate. Aside from teaching and writing, there is a long list of professions available for you. Did you know that you can work as a speech therapist, social worker, and even a forensic linguist when you hold a linguistics diploma?

When you become a linguist, you can work in various field of works such as:

  • Literature development
  • Orthography and writing systems development
  • Linguistic analysis
  • Multilingual education and literacy
  • Health initiatives
  • Partnership with government, church, and non-government organizations (NGOs)

Combined honors

If you take linguistics, you are more likely to apply this in your honors degree. You will be the perfect candidate for a joint honors degree using your language course. Commonly offered as part of a joint honors degree which will allow you to study other social sciences courses, linguistics will surely take you to many places. Other subjects such as Computer Science can be studied along with linguistics once you reach the postgraduate level.

Apart from these, there are a few more reasons to study this exciting course. If you want to understand the ways of language, do not be afraid to take the risk and go for it.

We hope that linguistics is not the only study option you have. MSM Unify has a lot more articles about different programs to help you choose what you should study. Check them out.


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